Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crystal "Light"

Crystal "light" ~ Q&A with Vicki L. Kroll of The Toledo Free Press

How long has your hair been in dreadlocks?

“Five years.”

Who is your favorite Beatle?

“That’s impossible; I love them all.”

Guilty pleasure song on your iPod?

“I don’t have an iPod [laughs].”

Guilty pleasure song you like?

“‘Kiss’ by Prince — I love that song.”

Do you have a pet?

“I have four cats, Oliver, Murray, Kate and Dopey, but I haven’t seen them in a long time.”

Favorite cartoon character?

“Right now it’s SpongeBob; my son’s into SpongeBob.”

Have you ever thought of rewriting and recording Glenn Campbell’s “Galveston” as a tribute to Elliston?

“I had not thought of that [laughs].”

Place you want to visit:

“I want to go to India; I think that would be cool.”

Favorite color:


Best bowling score?

“I haven’t been bowling for years. I don’t remember any, but I used to go as a kid with my dad.”

What do you like to cook or bake?

“I like to make cookies at Christmastime.”

Favorite holiday TV special?

“I’d have to say the Grinch.”

Someone you’d like to collaborate with someday:

“I’ve been pushing for Willie Nelson; let’s see if we can get him to read this.”

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  1. I put a request on Willie Nelsons FB page for you ... if it happens ... hey Ya never know :)

  2. Willie Nelson is an awesome idea. I'd also like to see you with Joan Baez and Neil Young. Can't wait until you album comes out. I've never bought an LP by an "idol" person before :)

  3. Willie is a wonderful man!!! He once gave me a kiss on the cheek!!! Sue

  4. this is awesome!

  5. I am a big fan of both Crystal and Prince, so to know that she loves "Kiss" makes her even more awesome, in my eyes!