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TONIGHT!!! CRYSTAL BOWERSOX Fundraiser, WIN 2 TICKETS TO IDOLS LIVE 8/29, singalong welcome for Elliston ‘Idol’

Fans plan fundraiser, singalong welcome for Elliston ‘Idol’
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MamaSox Nation and MamaSox Village Idiots are hosting an Aug. 28 pre-“American Idol” Live gathering in honor of Crystal Bowersox’s return to Northwest Ohio.

“We wanted to do this grass-roots for her. We thought it would be a great thing to do because this is really her homecoming and it’s not just the show itself,” said Jeff Bridge, of Tucson, Ariz., a member of the Village Idiots’ “Boared” who will be at the event.

The gathering will be the final day of the Sun Flower Project, an online fundraiser to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) in Bowersox’s name. All funds raised during the evening will benefit JDRF.


“I definitely approve, but I’m not running it … I think it’s all good intentions and I’m all for it,” Bowersox said in a message to Toledo Free Press about the project.

Bowersox and the “American Idol Live!” tour come to the Huntington Center on Aug. 29.

Members of MamaSox Nation started the Sun Flower Project to raise money from June until Bowersox’s Toledo tour date. The Village Idiots, whose goal is to function as a fan partnership with Bowersox, assisting her causes and charitable endeavors, paired with MamaSox Nation for the evening to help raise money for the project.

“We want to help them raise as much money as we can that night, help them reach their original goal,” Bridge said. “We really want to help the Sun Flower Project finish strong.”

Approximately $1,200 has been raised for the Sun Flower Project and the groups hope to raise more money during the pre-show event, according to Michelle Reed, one individual in charge of the project.

The groups will raffle off signed Bowersox T-shirts, as well as a signed Bowersox pendant, Bridge said. The evening will also be live streamed online for those who cannot attend, he said. As part of the pre-show party Toledo Free Press will give away two tickets to the Aug. 29 “American Idol” Live! Tour for Aug. 29 to see Bowersox in concert.

“The fan club asked if they could meet here and we said yes,” said Tom Sullivan, executive chef at the Village Idiot. “Crystal played here for about a year before she was on the show. She considered this a place she started out.”

The Village Idiot will donate a portion of pizza sales to the JDRF at the end of the evening, Sullivan said. In addition to pre-show events, Andrew Ellis and the Setting Suns will play at the Village Idiot at 10 p.m.

The pre-show gathering starts at 7 p.m. Aug. 28. For more information, visit the website

‘Holy Toledo’ singalong

MamaSox Village Idiots are using social media to get individuals to come out and sing “Holy Toledo” for Crystal Bowersox as she exits the “American Idol Live!” tour bus Aug. 29.

“We want to show that we care for her and give thanks to her,” said Sydney Conover, chief graphic designer and “Boared” member for MamaSox Village Idiots. “Holy Toledo’ was a song she wrote when she was 17 before she left town. It was a song she was able to sing when she came back to Toledo and it was the first original song they allowed played on ‘Idol’.”

The group hopes to have more than 100 people commit to coming out and singing “Holy Toledo” to Bowersox as she leaves the tour bus.

The Village Idiots are asking individuals to tweet “#holytoledo It’s time to give back to Mamasox. Need 100 people to sing Holy Toledo as Crystal leaves their tour bus. LET’S GIVE BACK TO MAMA,” to get the word out about the event.

The group is still working on tentative times for everyone to come sing for Bowersox, but will let everyone know through its website and through Twitter. Words to “Holy Toledo” can be found at the MamaSox Village Idiots website forum.

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