Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letters to Crystal ~ The Devotion She Inspires...

There is just something about American Idol's Crystal Bowersox. She inspires a love and devotion in her fans that is so deep, so profound, you'd think she had been in the public eye for years. She is looked at as a role model for her strength and perseverance, and is very vocal about a cause close to her heart, childhood diabetes. Crystal is a Type-1 diabetic, but hasn't let that slow her down.

Here are two heart-felt comments, letters really, left for Crystal. I think they are beautiful, and wanted to share them with her fans...

Dave Kelley said...

Much has been said about Crystal's talent and I agree with it all. I want to add my humble opinion about her as a person. Being an observer of people, I have watched Crystal and her reactions to criticism, praise and the love she gets from the audience. She always takes each of those with class and dignity. I will never forget her reaction to Simon's praise of her rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee", after she was somewhat criticized by the 2 women on the panel, he told her he would not have her change a thing about her performance(Randy agreed), her eyes got wide and it looked as if she whispered "really", he then went on to say her performance was as good as the best he had heard from Pink, she got a wide-eyed look and blew her hair away from her face. To me that reaction was priceless. Also after her performance of the Shania Twain number, when Simon didn't like the performance, she told Simon she still loved him. It, in my opinion, reveals the type of person she is, even though she knows who she is as a performer and person, she still is in awe of what other folks think of her.
She is quick to praise the people on the stage with her and not take all the credit. Another thing she is the only contestant (and I may be wrong about this) to not flash her number while Ryan is giving out the phone number to call and vote for her.
I am a 70 year old man, not that it has anything to do with anything, but I would be very proud to have her as a granddaughter and no matter what America does in the voting, she will always be a class act.
I personally think she is the best talent to appear on AI to date. I have watched AI off and on since the start, my favorite was Kelly Clarkson, along with Carrie Underwood. Beyond that I can't remember who the other winners were, after all as I said I am 70 years old.
My passion is music and not having any musical talent myself I pride myself in being open minded and love all kinds of music, including some rap. I did like Adam last year, but alas America is fickle when it comes to voting, it sometimes becomes a popularity contest rather than a talent contest.
I love what another of my favorite artists, Miranda Lambert says about Crystal, shows me she (Miranda) not only has talent but excellent taste. LOL.
To me she is already a success and I believe that Crystal will always retain her endearing qualities no matter what the final outcome of AI is. AI will not be the end of Crystal, she has to much talent and what to me is her best quality, very easy to love as a person!! That being said, I also want her to have commercial success and enjoy the perks that come along with that, mainly the financial part.

May 3, 2010 10:24 AM
Cajun said...

Crystal, You are a healer! Your soothing jazzy, folk sound is so healing to everyone in your path! No matter what those faulty judges say, ignore it, just because they are in the business, does not mean they know what they are talking about. It will not be them who will be buying your music, it will be the rest of the world, we know what we want, you have it, and we know what we are talking about! All I hear from them, is what they want, not what the world expects from you, and you, are doing very wonderful and very awesome work, we all love you! Every time I see you, I wish I were a judge on the show, so I can say, "Crystal, every time you are on that stage, you blow me away so hard, that words are not enough to tell you the remarkable job you are doing".... If one judge says something negative, the rest follows, if one says something positive, the rest will follow, they can not even speak for them selves...listen to the people who will buy you music, who vote numerous times for you, we speak the truth, we speak for ourselves, we know what we want, we want YOU! Forget the negative from them, keep the positive from your fans in your heart, they are the ones who will be with you forever....remember how they judged Susan Boyle cause of how she looked, well, look at her now, and look at them regretting it, she won because of the people, not because of judges who judge the the reason you are there...we have your back Crystal, get on stage and have ours!

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  1. Crystal did a knock out performance with summerwind. These judges are very unprofessional they wouldn't know a great singer if it was right in front of them. She'll get her chance no matter what these morons think. I hope she becomes a big success and flips them off.

  2. Amazed that she has survived these LAME themes that are not in her sweet spot.. great job! If you are reading this Crystal - PLEEEEAASSSSSEEE sing Hurts Me Too by Elmore James and the Grateful Dead - You could rip any Dead song and especially this one and that would bring the nation to its knees!

  3. actually i think Crystal became arrogant and cocky because she is really good and that the judges praise her every week. her last 2 weeks were not as good and the judges pointed it out that it was not as strong as her usual performance which is true. Simon had been a fans since the 2nd week of Top 24 and she should know that he meant well and was rooting for her. i dont find her response to critique as elegant. i think she's too defensive.

  4. I couldn't help but laugh at who ever wrote, she or he hopes that Crystal becomes a great success and flips them off, I am SOOOO with you!
    PHIL, WRONG! She is not cocky, and there is nothing wrong with defending yourself, just cause the rest of the idols do not have the guts to say what they feel, doesn't make her cocky. I think it is awesome she is standing for herself. Ever thought, this is something she is doing for the first time? Ever think, just maybe, she had been pushed around her whole life, and is just tired of it..I know I am...I am just like Crystal as for that goes.
    Back off her a bit, just watch her...she is only human, damn, if she didn't say anything to defend herself, everyone would think she is nothing and not serious about her passion.
    Crystal is not arrogant, nor, is she cocky, she is a wonderful human being just trying to make a life for herself. I, along with millions of others, love Crystal, and, we love her for being just who she really is, human! It is nice to see someone on there that is not fake, that does not put on a show..she is the real deal!
    We have her back!

  5. She said in an interview that she treats everyone equal and no is better and that she's just treating the judges as equals and trying to have a conversation with them.People misconstrues it as arrogance.Correction.she's just trying to have a conversation.

  6. I agree, Bowersox is organic! I love organic!
    There is nothing she can not sing, and, there is nothing she can not do! Crystal is a person pf her own, and, that is what makes her real!
    Without her tounge, no one would ever know what she is thinking or feeling, so, her being blunt and defending her beleifs to me, is awesome! Crystal is so very pure, and, I feel anyone who wants to be negative toward her, should keep it to themself...we need her music in this world today, Crystal is very earthy, her feet inprint in the ground everywhere she walks, this is the person I want to spend my money on...her music is as pure as it gets today! I am sure she will win, no matter what. Bower-rox is is already a winner! You can plant the seed, but, you can't always make it grow, unfortunatly, her seed was planted, and she grew strong! Organic she really is, pure as mountain water, and loving as the heart can give!
    Go Crystal!!!