Friday, May 7, 2010

Crystal Bowersox has Famous Fans!

Crystal Bowersox

If Crystal Bowersox doesn’t win Fox's American Idol, it won’t be for a lack of celebrity plugs. She may not have wowed the judges last night, but that hasn’t stemmed the tide of famous fans expressing love for this dreadlocked, self-assured 24-year-old mom from Ohio.

What is it about this potential Idol that excites high-profile stars? A host of former Idol contestants -- from Kelly Clarkson to Jason Castro to Fantasia -- have joined the chorus of support. Here’s a sampling of more Bowersox ballyhoo:

Melissa Etheridge told ABC News Radio: "She's just being herself and that's so great to see on that show...And that's what I've been trying to shine light on for the last twenty years: 'Hey, we can be whoever we are...we don't all have to be the same.'" During Etheridge's appearance on The View, the Grammy winner added, “I like her. She’s real.”

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees told The Insider: "Crystal ... should win in my opinion ... They're all talented, but I like Crystal."

Wanda Sykes raved on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "She is something special...[She’s] in a different class from everybody else." (How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan also gushed about Bowersox during an interview with DeGeneres.)

Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock told OK! Magazine: “She’s organic...Organic is my favorite thing about her. I think that’s really who she is...She’s not faking anything, I don’t feel.”

Miranda Lambert told "(Crystal) is who she is, and I love people (with whom) there's no question what they do...They get up there, they do it, and you know who they are. That's my favorite kind of artist...I'm always interested to see what she'll do.”

Christina Applegate Twittered after last night's show: "Mama sox may need our votes tonight. So let's help!”

Do celebrities root for Bowersox because so many have felt the pressure to conform (and risk losing their true self) on camera? Or is it because the newcomer's abundant talent commands respect? Perhaps it's both. Granted, mentor Harry Connick Jr. didn’t seem to view Bowersox as a standout -- or if he did, he kept his opinion to himself during last night's episode (he gave more love to Casey James). Then again, Bowersox probably doesn’t need his vote at this point.

Why do you think so many celebrities root for Crystal Bowersox? Chime in below.

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SOURCE: Jennifer Graham Kizer for iVillage

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