Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michael Franti says he's "excited to work with" Crystal Bowersox!

Michael Franti on Crystal Bowersox: “I’m Excited to Work With Her”

Michael Franti had a massive hit with “Say Hey (I Love You)” but he’s been on the fringes of the music business for years as an alternative/political artist. In most circumstances, it would be hard for him to imagine working with an artist from American Idol.

But when he got the call from Crystal Bowersox, he was eager to work with her.

“I’ve talked with Crystal on the phone a few times. She’s a really really talented artist, singer, songwriter. We’ve got the same hairstyle! She’s somebody who wants to make a difference in the world and that’s really unique for a young artist to say ‘not only do I want to make music that can sell and be on the radio, but that changes people’s moment and helps people get through difficult times.’ I’m excited to work with her.”

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  1. WoW am i the only one to say....hellz yeah!!! im so excited to hear what they come out with...I love both crystal and michael & am so ready to see crystal in concert...maybe both of them together :-) day dreaming now!!! keep it up mama sox....we're lovin it! :0) ~peace~

  2. I'm counting the days with excitement knowing Crystal is working with so many talented people to give the fans a cd to rush out and buy. Go Crystal,Go Michael were waiting for that great album.