Friday, June 25, 2010

AI Now Interview with Crystal Bowersox & Aaron Kelly

Interview With Crystal Bowersox & Aaron Kelly

Today we bring you the second installment in our series of interviews from the Idols Live Tour (Get Your Tickets Here!)media day at Center Staging last week. Check out our interview with Crystal Bowersox and Aaron Kelly - video below!

We started the interview off by asking Crystal how she plans to remain herself while working with Jive Records, a label that is most known for its successful pop artists. "I don't want to believe in stereotypes," Crystal said. "Jive has a lot of really credible artists and musicians...Jive might be known for more of a pop kind of thing, but that is not going to matter. It's not going to be a limitation."

Aaron also has an album in mind, saying that he's been writing several original songs since "Idol." "I don't want to sit back and wait for someone to approach me," Aaron said. "Right now I've been working with Taylor Swift's producer and we're going to get lots and lots of songs written. And, if a label doesn't approach us, then we are going to record a demo and pitch it to some people."

Crystal complemented Aaron saying that even though we didn't hear about it on the show, Aaron is a "brilliant songwriter." Crystal also said that Aaron plays guitar really well. She joked, "He was too chicken to do it on the show." Aaron admitted, "I play better on my original stuff rather than other people's songs."

When we asked Crystal which one of Aaron's performances was her favorite, she couldn't name just one, saying he was so great every time. "I don't think you ever missed a note," Crystal said. Aaron said his favorite Crystal performance was the finale song, "Up To The Mountain."

And, we couldn't help but ask who Crystal and Aaron would pick to replace Simon Cowell on the judges panel. Crystal said she would really like to see Bret Michaels on the panel for his straightforward attitude and support of type 1 diabetes awareness. Aaron, meanwhile, is pulling for Harry Connick Jr. "Just because he has such a great ear...And another great thing is that he's honest. He's going to tell you what he thinks. He might not be as brutal as Simon, but you definitely don't want someone who is going to try and copy Simon."

To see the entire interview, including an update on Crystal's plans for a juvenile diabetes awareness event, watch the video below!

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  1. I like Aaron's comment about Simon's replacement.

    Hopefully AI will not take in another cloned Simon. We had enough of his brutally honest insensitive comments on these new comers and it became stale after a while.

    Hopefully someone who is savvy in vocal and music and know their stuff well and creative with of course hands on experience in vocal or music and not a business-minded witty man like Simon, but someone who is truthful, un-bias and full of love, someone like the lovable Clay Aiken who has vast experiences in music and shows, who is talented, creative and sensitive - my pick of Judge for next season. Just watching Clay in AI is more than worth it and no words can express how we feel for Clay (my ideal Idol).- AI TV Fan