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With Crystal Bowersox & 3 other Idols sporting new ink, Season 9's Top 6 talk tattoos

Crystal Bowersox

Life offstage had a theme this week and it was new ink. With a rare day off (which Siobhan Magnus described as "like, a big deal"), four of six Season 9 contestants took advantage of the me time and visited a Hollywood tattoo parlor on Friday night. Naturally, we had to ask what inspired the four to mark the occasion and also posed a question to Casey and Aaron, who sat out the inking: What would they put on their sleeve at this moment in their lives?

Crystal Bowersox: Sporting fresh ink on her left wrist -- a beautifully illustrated gadfly-like twist on the classic medical symbol with a syringe down the middle and the words Type 1 Diabetic written across the top, Crystal said she got the tattoo because she is a "diabetic for life" and also "because I am really horrible about wearing medic ID bracelets and necklaces." But beyond practical purposes, Crystal says it sends a message to others and serves as a reminder to herself. "It's important now being in the position that I'm in," she explained after Tuesday night's show. "I have a responsibility to take good care of myself. There's lots of little kids out there with juvenile diabetes who need to take care of themselves, and they need a good role model." As for the art itself, she proudly declared, "I designed my own thing."

Siobhan Magnus: Ever the jokester, Siobhan first tried to convince us she had Michael Lynche's and Lee DeWyze's names written on her butt cheek, leaving "room on the other side for everybody else.... I'm sorry I can't show you," she said with a hilariously straight face. But in all seriousness, she couldn't show us the roman numeral IX she had stenciled on her "hip area," but she could explain the digit's significance: "It's been a really good number for me," said Siobhan. "I was 19 years old when I tried out in 2009 for season 9. And the more I think about it, then the more nines come up. Like memory vomit -- I was 9 years old when I figured out I loved to sing, and I was born in 1990, I could go on and on...."

Michael Lynche: Big Mike's gigantic guns both got new decoration. On his left arm, three stars, each about 3 inches tall. On his right: the word "Dream" in script. "They're healing up good," said Mike. "I'm just into reaching for the stars, you know? As silly as it is, I'm reaching as high as you can go and just dreaming big dreams. I'm sure all of us want to be stars. It resonates in my spirit, so I put it on my arm."

Lee DeWyze: Fans first spotted Lee's adornment at a "Shrek Forever After" screening over the weekend. Lee explained the symbol: "I got a silhouette of the Chicago flag ... (because of) everything that's happened to me there, and that's where this all started for me."

Casey James: When it comes to future tats, the wheels are already turning in Casey's mind. One of which, he teased, involves "a symbol from a movie" on his arm. He later 'fessed up: it's a Star Wars thing, which he'll share with his brother and cousin. "I've got a few (tattoos) drawn up that I'm getting when I go back home," said Casey. "My brother has one on his arm that's my initials on music bars, and I'm going to get his, which is BC."

Aaron Kelly: Though he's now one year closer to 18, Aaron's mother would likely not approve of a tattoo on her little guy -- even if it said "Mom" -- but if he were to go under the pen? "I'd probably go (with something) like Siobhan's," said Aaron. "But she did a roman numeral IX and I'd probably get the (number) 9 for season 9 of American Idol."

SOURCE: Shirley Halperin,

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  1. I wish we could see a close up of the tattoo. Crystal - would you consider coming to the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference ( ) this summer in Orlando? It would be magnificent for all the children there to see/hear you perform - you're a beautiful role model. And for the parents of the children with diabetes - we are all cheering you on each and every week on Idol and for your future as an exceptional artist.

  2. Crystal, You are a healer! Your soothing jazzy, folk sound is so healing to everyone in your path! No matter what those faulty judges say, ignore it, just because they are in the buisness, does not mean they know what they are talking about. It will not be them who will be buying your music, it will be the rest of the world, we know what we want, you have it, and we know what we are talking about! All I hear from them, is what they want, not what the world expects from you, and you, are doing very wonderful and very awesome work, we all love you! Every time I see you, I wish I were a judge on the show, so I can say, "Crystal, every time you are on that stage, you blow me away so hard, that words are not enough to tell you the remarkable job you are doing".... If one judge says something negative, the rest follows, if one says something positive, the rest will follow, they can not even speak for them selves...listen to the people who will buy you music, who vote numerous times for you, we speak the truth, we speal for ourselves, we know what we want, we want YOU! Forget the negative from them, keep the positive from your fans in your heart, they are the ones who will be with you forever....remember how they judged Susan Boyle cause of how she looked, well, look at her now, and look at them regretting it, she won because of the people, not because of judges who judge the the reason you are there...we have your back Crystal, get on stage and have our's!

  3. Crystal you are the real deal

  4. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: A very charming, wonderful, talented artist, a rising star, a woman who will make history today. But, I have read every single blog on her, and have seen some who say, they hope she doesn't win, because of the pressure she may go through. She has been through it and today is her time. Winning this is not just about being a star for Crystal, it is about for once in her life, just hearing the words, Crystal Bowersox, YOU ARE THE WINNER!
    Life is a very powerful gift, it is strong and sometimes, over whelming, but, I know we all build our strength from what slaps us in the face. It makes us stronger as people. I have read how she has an attitude, well hell, we all do, so what? She is not sticking a tail between her legs after every negative attitude the judges give her, she is standing for her beliefs and for herself, what is so wrong with that? Crystal is a very strong person, and, this is why I follow her, she is why I watch this show, and she is the reason I speak highly of her. I wish there were more people like her in this world, I really do. I have been around many people just like Crystal. I have never in my life felt so much love and support from someone like I have with them. They will always be welcomed into my home. Crystal will win this! Lee is very over rated, and last we need, is another boring boy on the mic. We have enough of those guys. We need and want a BOWERSOX!
    I do not care how many people hate me or judge me for being behind Crystal all the way...or how much I praise her. Because of Crystal, I can hear the music again! DAMN IT, Bowersox ROX and thats all there is to it!!!!
    Crystal, close your eyes, and feel the energy of your most very powerful moment ever in life, and push all the negative that comes your way off the bridge, you are a winner baby, and nothing else can achieve that!

  5. Scott Gaumer :) (Osceola Iowa)May 5, 2010 at 3:06 PM

    Cajun what more can I say you said it all!!

  6. Scott, thank you, as I see, I did mis-spell some, BOWER-ROX!!!
    BOWERSOX looks amazing tonight....I am so ready to vote for her 500 more times tonight!!! Bower-mama can also be found on everyone!!!! Crystal, wow, you have about 5 people who want to see you go, but, sad for them, you are going to win, because you have billions out of 5 who are voting for you!!! DAMN IT WOMAN, YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!!!
    Blow those little kids off that stage, take it over, and do a song for the world!! We will always have your back baby!!! OOT OOT!!!!