Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crystal will visit Toledo & Elliston, Ohio if her 'Idol' success continues!

BY CATHARINE HADLEY • Staff writer, Port Clinton News Herald • May 8, 2010

If Elliston's Crystal Bowersox makes it through next week's "American Idol" competition, she'll come back for a hometown visit.

"If she makes it through to the top three she will be here for the hometown visit on Friday," said Tom Cook, program director for The River radio station in Toledo.

He's been in contact with the "American Idol" staff, and if Bowersox makes it through she will be interviewed on radio station 101.5 the River at 8 a.m. and on 92.5 at 8:30 a.m.

"They are working on some other stuff, both in Toledo and in Elliston, and I heard a mention of the Ottawa County Fairgrounds," Cook said. "They did not want to say too much until all the details are ironed out, but there are some big things brewing if she makes it through."

KISS-FM host Andrew Z of the "Andrew Z In The Morning" show made this post on the show's Facebook page:

"Be sure to vote for Crystal Bowersox this week, if she makes the cut this week then she will be on our show Friday for her hometown visit. More details to come, but be sure to vote for her."

If Bowersox makes the final three next week, she will also sing the national anthem at the Toledo Mudhens game Friday .

Cook was interviewed recently by MTV senior writer Gil Kaufman, who was in Ottawa County with a production crew this week.

The station has been playing a Bowersox song called "Holy Toledo," which has been popular with listeners.

"We have been the only ones playing it until today, I think 92.5 started playing it, but we've been playing it since the middle of March," he said.

"It's been pretty huge. We have gotten a lot of calls and a lot of e-mails about it. People are excited to have a song by somebody local. It talks about Toledo and you can't argue with having her on such a national platform. ... Everyone knows who Crystal is now."

In the song, she sings that better days are ahead.

"It seems like we always show up on the bottom of all these lists that we don't want to be on the bottom of and I think people seeing her and hearing her, she gives people hope," the program director said. "It's good news that is coming out of northwest Ohio."

He said the song can be found on YouTube.

"I listened to it and I thought, 'God, this is a great song,' so I put it in our normal rotation."

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  1. great interview...really shows what a sweet, charismatic woman she is.

  2. BOWER-ROX! AGAIN, YOU DID IT! Keep it up! You are working so very hard for your fans, and, that makes us all so very proud!
    Keep on going with that very positive attitude! You will win my friend!
    I am a hard core firm believer that Crystal will win this! She has the right attitude, strength, vocals, rhythm, and, she knows what to sing, she always picks the right tunes to sing. I just love her folk sound, and, how she is smiling alot more, getting deep into the groove of stringing that guitar! I also thought, her bf wearing those red, white, and blues was very cool!
    Crystal, you have charisma baby! Keep it on going, we all love and adore you, because, you are REALLY you! Do not give up mama-sox, if you do, we will be right there to kick your ass back on that stage! YOU ROCK!!!

  3. She who can do no wrong scores again. Big time. Awesome, Crystal

  4. Crystal and her bf.sweet couple.