Sunday, May 23, 2010

Celebrities That Are Rooting for Crystal!

Celebrities That Are Rooting For Crystal Bowersox!

What is it about this potential Idol that excites high-profile stars? A host of former Idol contestants -- from Kelly Clarkson to Jason Castro to Fantasia -- have joined the chorus of support from music legends and movie, TV and sports stars for Crystal Bowersox. Here’s a sampling of the Bowersox ballyhoo:

Kelly Clarkson - "Crystal Bowersox you are my favorite!!" Clarkson tweeted. "Keep it up."

Christina Applegate - "Are you kidding me? If Crystal Bowersox doesn't win this Everybody did a great job but this girl is something else!!! VOTE!" Christina twittered after one night's show: "Mama Sox may need our votes tonight. So let's help!” She's also twittered "I am loving Crystal Bowersox! Seriously loving! Good on ya girl!" and "Bowersox bowersox bowersox!!! Enough said!!!!"

Fantasia - Interviewed on VH1 Top 20 Countdown, and was asked if she had any faves this year. Fantasia said she loves the girl with the dreads (Crystal), "she's dope," and wants to meet her and work with her.

Justin Bieber - After he just saw Crystal Bowersox's performance. "She is incredible and she is right...Thank the lord." Apr 21st via web

Wanda Sykes - Comedian Sykes compliments Ellen DeGeneres on the great job she's doing so far and then picks Crystal as her favorite. "She is something special ... in a different class from everybody else."

Allison Iraheta - “She’s the one I’m rooting for,” says Iraheta. “She’s amazing. I saw her performances and she’s just her. I really like that.”

Å anjaya Malakar - Posted to Crystal's Facebook fan page, "I'll be at the finale next week, hope to see Ryan say her name :)," and "I've been voting for her all season."

Jane Krakowski - 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski told OK! Magazine “She’s organic...Organic is my favorite thing about her. I think that’s really who she is...She’s not faking anything, I don’t feel.”

Miranda Lambert - Miranda told "[Crystal] is who she is, and I love people [with whom] there's no question what they do...They get up there, they do it, and you know who they are. That's my favorite kind of artist...I'm always interested to see what she'll do.” "When someone like Crystal Bowersox is on there," Lambert says, "it's easier for me to watch, you know? I'm always interested to see what she'll do." Miranda Lambert likes American Idol, and she likes it even more with Crystal Bowersox on it.

Derek Jeter - The New York Yankee told The Insider, "Crystal…should win in my opinion...They're all talented, but I like Crystal." He says that he 'Tivos' Idol and that Crystal is his favorite and she deserves to win!

Harry Shum Jr. - "I liked her," the Glee star tells us in the video below. "When I went and watched a taping, I really liked her vibe and I loved that she plays the guitar. She's kind of like a real artist, you know? So I loved her."

Jason Castro - "[I've] been a fan of Crystal Bowersox for a while, and there's a couple other good people, but [her and Casey] are my favorites right now."

Didi Benami, American Idol 2010 - Didi Benami wants to collaborate with Crystal Bowersox. “I really wanted to do an originals night. I would love to collaborate with Crystal. We’ve already talked about it. We like the idea of writing together,” she said.

Edward Norton & Catherine Keener - Stopped Crystal one day and told her that she and Edward were fans of her.

Melissa Etheridge - Melissa Etheridge is on American Idol 'Team Bowersox'! "She's My Spawn" Though Melissa's songs have often been performed on American Idol over the years, Melissa Etheridge claims she only watches the show because her kids do. But now, she's got a vested interest in the show: she's rooting for Crystal Bowersox. Melissa was a big musical influence on Crystal, who even has her signature on her guitar. And though Melissa admits that she doesn't remember signing Crystal's guitar -- "I've signed a lot of guitars over the ages," she explains -- she adds, "I'll watch when she performs because I feel like she's my spawn or something...I feel responsible for her now." Melissa says what she likes most about Crystal is her "fierce individuality...unapologetically." Melissa told ABC News Radio, "She's just being herself and that's so great to see on that show...and that's what I've been trying to shine light on for the last twenty years: 'Hey, we can be whoever we are...we don't all have to be the same.'" Melissa says she'd like to see Crystal perform some of her songs, such as "Bring Me Some Water" or perhaps "I'm The Only One." During Etheridge's appearance on The View, the Grammy winner added, “I like her. She’s real.”

Adam Lambert - Adam was impressed with Crystal Bowersox, as he told MTV in a video in Japan after he mentored the contestants. He also announced he was hoping for Crystal to win, because he loves her rebellious attitude.

Alyson Hannigan - The How I Met Your Mother star gushed about Crystal Bowersox during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. They didn't mention any other American Idol contestants. Alyson's husband, actor Alexis Denisof calls Crystal 'Tristal FlowerPots'.

Amanda Dunbar - The Dallas artist and creator of the Precious Rebels line of Swarovski crystal-adorned guitars is a fan of Crystal's. Enough said.

Alicia Keys - Crystal is one of her favorites.

Jared Cotter - This American Idol Season 6 contestant said, “She’s different from everybody else. She’s got the Janis Joplin old school vibe. I hope she wins.”

And last of all Jane Lynch, aka SUE SYLVESTER - The Glee star is on board with Idol powerhouse Crystal Bowersox. Crystal had Sue Sylvester's alter-ego clapping and snapping and moving and grooving in her seat from the get-go. Some of her good vibes must have been flowing across the aisle into Simon Cowell's vicinity, because he was feeling the Bowersox love, too, swaying his normally stoic head from side to side. (In our dream world, Sue Sylvester would fill in for Simon when he leaves.)

Do celebrities root for Bowersox because so many have felt the pressure to conform (and risk losing their true self) on camera? Or is it because the newcomer's abundant talent commands respect? Perhaps it's both.

Why do you think so many celebrities root for Crystal Bowersox? Chime in below!

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  1. There is absolutely no doubt - Crystal is a star. Everything about her says 'Performer' when she's up there. I don't see 'Hopeful performer' in her eyes or her actions, which I can see is so many...
    That said, I WANT a win for HER. For whatever reason she wants it. But to me, she's already had the status of 'winner' since I first heard her Midnight Train to Georgia.
    Definately in her own league.

  2. Celebrities want Crystal to win because she is the BEST. That has been obvious since day one. And this is typical Idol - where one contestant really stands out the entire season - gives outstanding performances week after week. Then - another contestant starts to get better and begins to draw attention because they are (finally) stepping up. But Lee's overall performances, week after week, do not add up to all of Crystal's outstanding and consistent performances.

  3. They know talent when they see it and HEAR IT !
    How can you not ? She is so talented ~ TRUE ARTIST !
    She is so AWESOME !!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Crystal is a living, breathing Idol whether she wins or not. She deals with disease, takes her lumps and just smiles and sings. She is someone people can actually look up to. She is a bit of a rebel and that is refreshing. So many do what "polite society" says they should. Love to see a kid stand up for what THEY believe in. Winner of Idol or not that girl has a bright future!!
    God be with you Crystal.

  5. Crystal...I just wanted you to know that I just listened to "Holy Toledo" for the first time and it touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes....our city is struggling and your voice & words have brought us least for this Toledoan! Thank you for being you...Keep Rockin...Keep your Faith & Family in front and you will always be a success! God Bless YOU Crystal!
    Love ~ Tammy