Friday, April 23, 2010

The Love & Devotion She Inspires ~ A Beautiful Comment Left for Crystal

Fan photo of Crystal Bowersox

Papa's Tavern, Toledo, Ohio

I am just some old lady, but I still love rock and roll, blues and jazz. You are all of that and more. You have a big strong voice. You are my dear a star. Janis Joplin is one of my favorites. You have topped her by far.

I don't watch American Idol every year but I just happened to be watching it when they were doing try outs. As soon as I heard you, well I knew I had to watch this year. You will be always be remembered even after death like Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. If for some stupid reason u do not win I can guarantee there are a lot of recording studios or whatever they are called will want you to make an album. Of course I will be standing in line.

On another note. I was just reading something about you thinking of quitting the show because you miss your son and family. Don't!! You give me the strong impression that you are not a quitter. Sounds like to me there have been times in your life where you went to hell and back. We have children and want them to have more than we had and always want them to succeed more than we did. Our job as being a mom is to do everything in our power to do that. Meaning small to large sacrifices. I do understand what it means to miss your child. U c when I was young and dumb I got into trouble with the law. I got 90 days in jail. I did not get to see my son not once.

We all have dreams but it is up to us to make our dreams come true. There is a lot of people out there that will never have that chance. You do. So u run with it and go. I admire you for being you.

Of course I don't know you but I believe this: You are true to yourself, a big heart and I would bet you r a true friend. We are what we are we just need to know how to make the most of it. You've already done that.

So honey you just keep on doing what you doing, be yourself and go out there and kick some ass. I think you're GREAT, from here on out u always will be. For me when I hear you sing I want to hear you more and more. No matter what happens you are a star, don't ever forget that.

Julie Price
Visalia, CA

This one was very touching too:
Each week you are a star re-born! You were put on this earth, to touch people through your work, and your gifts. You are as vital to life as water and air, as life saving as a heart surgeon, God Bless the child whose got his own. GO Crystal!!

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  1. I heard a rumor that you wanted to quit.I know its got to be hard be away from your family for so long.Just think of all the great things you can do for your family.If you dont win idol,your still gonna win!Your voice gives the chills,your the best idol has ever had on the show.When you do win it big dont forget about us back home.I only live 5 minutes from your town and I feel privileged.Keep up the good work and I'll be voting for ya all the way!

  2. Crystal you are the reason I watch American Idol, you have a gift, and it comes easy for you just like breathing, you are a natural. Every one in Defiance are rooting for you our next American Idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crystal, I hated American Idol, til you came along. I loved your performance this week! They said country week, you were the only one who gave them that. You my friend, have SOUL! I love your folk music, I love the way you sing it, I love how your voice flows out, and, I love watching you every week. You should try Eureka Springs, Arkansas, you would love that place, tell them I sent you, they will take very good care of you there, I promise! You are an angel, Crystal. You will win, I have no doubt at all. I enjoy how you do not back down or just smile when the judges lay words on you, I love how you come back and protect everything you believe in. Also, I sat back and waited 2 years to be with my love, now, I am with her for good, you have it all girl! A beautiful baby, wonderful family, loving boyfriend, and a promising career! Push everyone off that stage, take it over, and show those judges, that the negative they feed is nothing but BS to you...Keep doing exactly what you are doing, being YOU! I am behind you 100000 percent! Hurry and make albums so I can rack up on my music! If it is true that angels do fall from the sky, then, you were the first to hit the ground! My very best to you, Bower-mama!

  4. Let me know when you come to Colorado, I can so see you performing at Red Rock, so many all time singers, from Willie Nelson to legendary John Denver sung there, I see you on that stage, cause, I see me being there listening, and watching, yet, another future legend on that stage!YOU ARE A WINNER BOWER-MAMA!

  5. B- Believe in everything you do!
    O- Open your eyes for you today!
    W- Weigh off all evil that appears!
    E- Enjoy all of life while you can!
    R- Remember what you never had before!
    S- Sing with the core of your heart!
    O- Open the world to yourself!
    X- Xtreme your life only where you need to!

    This is from the Bowersox builds confidence, it builds strength, and it let's you know, the whole world is behind you 100 percent!
    Bowersox, you are a WINNER, and, you are stuck with all of us out here in the world, so, get your rear up there, sing that precious heart out, and WIN WIN WIN!!!
    Blow them all off that stage, and make is what you do, it is what you love, and, it is your gift to this world!
    We Love You BOWER-MAMA!