Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crystal Bowersox Determined to Win American Idol

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"After a week of scrutiny surrounding American Idol favorite Crystal Bowersox's commitment to the reality competition, a close friend of the talented star has told RadarOnline.com that the singer is in it to win it!

"Don’t worry about Crystal, she wants to win American Idol," the friend said. "She totally wants it. She is pumped!"

Speculation has been rife that the performer was having doubts about the show, even allegedly confiding to Idol host Ryan Seacrest that she was "feeling emotional and drained." Seacrest claimed that he had managed to change her mind by quelling any self-doubt the single mom may have been feeling.

But the source, who was out with Crystal and her family at Swinger’s restaurant in Hollywood on Thursday night, says Crystal is actually in the right mindset and hungry to compete. According to her friend, Bowersox was only concerned about the time away from her family and the logistics of being on the show.

“She has problems with the process at times and with the fact that she cannot spend as much time with her son Tony as she would like because of all her commitments right now," the friend explained.

“It’s like losing weight. Nobody likes the process but it is the end results that matter and Crystal wants a better future for her family and son. That’s why she entered American Idol.

“Her fans need not worry. Crystal is doing great and very determined too.”

Bowersox was spotted playing with her son at Swingers where she shared a private table with family and friends. Her party was in good form and was heard laughing at various stories Crystal was telling before they all left around 10pm."
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SOURCE: Radar Online


  1. I've heard several movie stars when ask who they thought should be the American Idol, they all responed...."Crystal Bowersox" You have tons of voters voting for you....because you are special....just like Adam Lambert....who has a unique voice....as do you....Good Luck....judy

  2. Crystal is the best....in a league all her own. Everyone has doubts and misgivings, Crystal is human and thinking rationally about the time taken from family. I never doubted for a minute that she would do the right thing, and not deprive the world of her awesome talent :)

  3. Just keep your eye on the prize, Crystal..The rest will fall into place..Stay true to yourself..
    Gloria at the Keg

  4. Well, it must be pretty exhausting, and to top it off, being deprived of that contact with her son...takes a strong woman to keep her chin up and stay focused. I know Crystal can do it, though!

  5. Crystal you're performance tonight was fantastic "No One Needs to Know" wasn't the best well known song by Shania, but who cares!! It's not whats popular that counts... it's what in your heart... and your proved that right on tonight. lookin forward to your albums in the store :-)

  6. I am right there with you with winning it all! You are truly amazing! Your stage presence and voice on Idol shows you were born to be a star!
    Have you ever heard of the Waifs? It's one of my favorite stations I have on Pandora. It reminds me of you!!
    Continue to kick butt girlfriend!!!

  7. Come on is week after week, no question.
    I hope she stay real like Kris Allen last year.
    He stayed true to his self and fans and the rest is history.

  8. It is Crystal Clear that Crystal is the best by far.I just hope all the people in Elliston are voting for for 2 hours as well.That is real home town support.As do any of you that see this comment.Votes count now,not tomorrow,make a difference vote for Crystal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!