Friday, April 30, 2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fans Hope to See Crystal Bowersox Go All the Way


ELLISTON, OHIO -- Hundreds of Crystal Bowersox fans gathered once again Wednesday night at Trinity United Church of Christ to see their hometown favorite make it to the top five on "American Idol."

Nancy Turnow, one of the organizers of the weekly event, said 320 people were there last week for the "Idol Gives Back" night. More than 200 attended this week.

Fans hope to see Crystal Bowersox go all the way
Crystal's grandmother Alice

During recent weeks several area businesses have donated food, and most of the people who attend bring cakes, cookies, brownies and other goodies.

"Everybody brings stuff and we always have a kind of theme," Turnow said. Next Wednesday will be taco night.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crystal Bowersox sings “No One Needs to Know Right Now" on American Idol

Crystal Bowersox Shania Twain

American Idol Top 6 front-runner Crystal Bowersox sings “No One Needs To Know Right Now" on the Season 9 "Country Music Week" show, featuring the songs of Shania Twain.

Crystal sat down with Ryan Seacrest before she hit the stage to talk about her experience meeting mentor Shania Twain in Chicago. Crystal "noticed that she's constantly glowing, like there's this aura of positive energy around you. There really is. You're a super sweet lady and it was fun to get to hang out....She Glows." Many people have described Crystal's aura in the same way!

Crystal said she sang this sweet love story as a "message to my boyfriend. I'm just droppin' hints here and there. He'll man up one of these days." Shania suggested she "let the love flow," and Crystal's love and happiness shined on the stage.

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Crystal Bowersox & Her Famous Mic Stand

Crystal Bowersox

Several American Idol Season 9 fans have been asking what Top 6 finalist Crystal's 'crystal' mic stand looks like. Here's a couple of images of Crystal performing with it at The Village Idiot in Maumee, Ohio.

Crystal Bowersox mic stand

Crysta Bowersox microphone stand
Crystal singing "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crystal Bowersox Determined to Win American Idol

American Idol2019s Crystal Bowersox Bobby McGee Performance Video » Right TV

"After a week of scrutiny surrounding American Idol favorite Crystal Bowersox's commitment to the reality competition, a close friend of the talented star has told that the singer is in it to win it!

"Don’t worry about Crystal, she wants to win American Idol," the friend said. "She totally wants it. She is pumped!"

Speculation has been rife that the performer was having doubts about the show, even allegedly confiding to Idol host Ryan Seacrest that she was "feeling emotional and drained." Seacrest claimed that he had managed to change her mind by quelling any self-doubt the single mom may have been feeling.

But the source, who was out with Crystal and her family at Swinger’s restaurant in Hollywood on Thursday night, says Crystal is actually in the right mindset and hungry to compete. According to her friend, Bowersox was only concerned about the time away from her family and the logistics of being on the show.

“She has problems with the process at times and with the fact that she cannot spend as much time with her son Tony as she would like because of all her commitments right now," the friend explained.

“It’s like losing weight. Nobody likes the process but it is the end results that matter and Crystal wants a better future for her family and son. That’s why she entered American Idol.

“Her fans need not worry. Crystal is doing great and very determined too.”

Bowersox was spotted playing with her son at Swingers where she shared a private table with family and friends. Her party was in good form and was heard laughing at various stories Crystal was telling before they all left around 10pm."
-- Exclusive from Radaronline --
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SOURCE: Radar Online

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adam Lambert “American Idol” Judge? Lambert Courted to Replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”

In news that we’ll have to see to believe, American Idol Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is the latest contender joining the race to replace Simon Cowell on the judges’ panel of television’s most-watched talent show.

After wowing Idol producers with his quick wit and biting critiques as a mentor on last week’s Elvis-themed special, we hear the controversial glam rocker is being eyed as a possible replacement for the man the media dubbed Mr. Nasty. In fact, show bosses believe the “For Your Entertainment” hitmaker has just the right mix of moxie to be a dynamic asset to the series.

A loose-lipped A.I. insider divulges to nosy National Enquirer Gossip Guy Mike Walker (Consider The Source!): “Producers were totally bowled over by Adam’s on-target critiques and pithy comments. They believe he’ll bring a fearless, youthful freshness to the show. And let’s not forget, Glambert’s got real stage presence.”

Before any Glambert Fans start jumping with glee, we should mention that the outspoken star has stiff competition from other seasoned entertainers also rumored to be up for Simon’s job: they include: Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx, singer Shania Twain, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, an acclaimed producer, and music mogul Tommy Mottola.

Simon will wrap up his nine season run on Idol next month to devote his time to developing an American adaptation of his UK small screen smash The X Factor.

Adam Lambert Simon Cowell
(Has anyone else noticed that these two look so similar they could be father and son? Just look at the shape of the face, the nose, the hairline. Hmm...)

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SOURCE: Pop Crunch

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Crystal Bowersox's Teachers spotted her talent early on

Several of Crystal Bowersox's former teachers said they recognized something special about the American Idol Season 9 contestant when she was young.

Vicki Sievert, former music instructor at Rocky Ridge Elementary School, said Bowersox always had a memorable singing voice.

"She had a lot of solos, but I was most impressed when, in third or fourth grade, she brought me a piece that she had written herself and played it for me, and that's when I knew she was an exceptional talent," Sievert said. "It wasn't written down at all. It was just in her head and she just sat there and played it for me on the piano. ... For a young girl to have composed it, it was very, very nice, and I think that's what I was pleased about most."

Sievert said she's especially proud that her former student has not let the big changes in her life change who she is.

"She has always been on her own path and I'm excited for her on 'Idol' that she has been able to maintain that integrity," she said. "You can just hear it in her heart and in her soul, and that truly is being what a musician is. It's just really exciting."

Lynda Wyse, of Genoa, taught Bowersox when she was in second-grade at Rocky Ridge during the 1992-1993 year.

"I remember her as being extremely creative, and it wasn't just in music," she said. "She was extremely artistic, too." Bowersox also excelled at language arts.

"I loved to hear her read out loud. She put so much expression into it," Wyse said.

Of course, music was her strong suit. Wyse recalled a school concert during which Bowersox sang a solo. "All of our mouths dropped. At that young age, she had a beautiful voice."

During that year, the singer was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Wyse said Bowersox remained balanced during the ordeal.

"She got along well with the other children, and things didn't really seem to faze her that much. She just did her own thing, and she wasn't the type that was always tattling or in the cliques or anything like that," Wyse said. "She was a very good student. ... She would really go after things that she was interested in, definitely, she just had a lot of natural talent for music and for arts and for language arts."

Wyse retired from teaching about three years ago, but when she was at the school she and the others were fans of the show.

"We always had a fantastic time with American Idol even before her. We'd all be guessing about who would be going to go out," she said.

She called Bowersox a memorable student. "She stood out. I have so many memories from so many of my students and I had a lot of fantastic students, but Crystal definitely stood out in terms of creativity."

Her husband, Leslie, also taught Bowersox's American history class when she attended Oak Harbor Middle School, and vividly remembers her performance in a talent contest.

Bowersox sang a song by Jewel. "If you closed your eyes, you would think you were listening to Jewel," he said.

One of her guitar strings broke. Instead of being flustered, she calmly fixed the situation and continued her performance.

"That's the most vivid memory I have of Crystal -- the talent contests and her stage presence, and just how good she was," he said.

"She had her niche and did it well. The students in junior high appreciated her. They knew she was talented."

Even then, she showed maturity. "She was a professional at 13 years old. The demeanor of Crystal was, 'I own this stage and I'm going to do it,'" he said.

Leslie Wyse said her knowledge of herself sets Bowersox apart from the other contestants on the show.

"Crystal is a real person, as opposed to some of the other people. She is the 'real' in 'reality,' quite frankly."

Cheryl Hubans is a retired art teacher from Oak Harbor, who remembers Bowersox as a creative person.

"She had a spiral notebook that she kept. When she got a song she would write the words in there, and she shared it with me. It was just unbelievable, it was an eighth-grade kid in my class. I always knew she was really talented because I had seen her in talent shows," Hubans said.

She's proud of Bowersox, who she said is a person who stays on her path despite obstacles. "There would have to be a national disaster, I think, and I think she would come up out of the ashes. You can't help but like her. I'm so tickled about this whole deal."

Bowersox attended Oak Harbor in the late 1990s, and the web site shows the students and staff wish her good luck.

"Ms. Bowersox was a member of the choir and select choir during her 8th grade year. Crystal was selected by her peers in the Junior High Yearbook as the 'Most likely to someday be a famous artist.'

Story BY CATHARINE HADLEY, for the News-Messenger

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Love & Devotion She Inspires ~ A Beautiful Comment Left for Crystal

Fan photo of Crystal Bowersox

Papa's Tavern, Toledo, Ohio

I am just some old lady, but I still love rock and roll, blues and jazz. You are all of that and more. You have a big strong voice. You are my dear a star. Janis Joplin is one of my favorites. You have topped her by far.

I don't watch American Idol every year but I just happened to be watching it when they were doing try outs. As soon as I heard you, well I knew I had to watch this year. You will be always be remembered even after death like Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. If for some stupid reason u do not win I can guarantee there are a lot of recording studios or whatever they are called will want you to make an album. Of course I will be standing in line.

On another note. I was just reading something about you thinking of quitting the show because you miss your son and family. Don't!! You give me the strong impression that you are not a quitter. Sounds like to me there have been times in your life where you went to hell and back. We have children and want them to have more than we had and always want them to succeed more than we did. Our job as being a mom is to do everything in our power to do that. Meaning small to large sacrifices. I do understand what it means to miss your child. U c when I was young and dumb I got into trouble with the law. I got 90 days in jail. I did not get to see my son not once.

We all have dreams but it is up to us to make our dreams come true. There is a lot of people out there that will never have that chance. You do. So u run with it and go. I admire you for being you.

Of course I don't know you but I believe this: You are true to yourself, a big heart and I would bet you r a true friend. We are what we are we just need to know how to make the most of it. You've already done that.

So honey you just keep on doing what you doing, be yourself and go out there and kick some ass. I think you're GREAT, from here on out u always will be. For me when I hear you sing I want to hear you more and more. No matter what happens you are a star, don't ever forget that.

Julie Price
Visalia, CA

This one was very touching too:
Each week you are a star re-born! You were put on this earth, to touch people through your work, and your gifts. You are as vital to life as water and air, as life saving as a heart surgeon, God Bless the child whose got his own. GO Crystal!!

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Crystal Bowersox sings "Mason" with songwriter Brian Walker

American Idol favorite Crystal Bowersox sings "Mason" with singer/songwriter Brian Walker. Crystal's beautiful little boy's middle name, Anthony Levi Mason Bowersox, was inspired by this song.

Mason by Brian Walker with Crystal Bowersox

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Church Donates $5K in Crystal Bowersox's Honor

Source: Catharine Hadley, Port Clinton News Herald
Local organizers had their own version of Wednesday night's "Idol Gives Back" episode of American Idol.

In Elliston, more than 100 people gathered as they have done every Wednesday to watch the results show at Trinity United Methodist Church. This time, they presented a check for $5,000 to the Toledo-based Diabetes Youth Services group, which runs camps for children who have diabetes.

Church donates $5K to Diabetes Youth Services in Crystal Bowersox's honor

Crystal Bowersox, Elliston native and "American Idol" front-runner, asked for proceeds from the sale of T-shirts bearing her name to be donated to the group. She attended the camp when she was a child.

About 1,600 red shirts -- which read "Crystal Bowersox, Our American Idol" and have a hand in the shape of a peace sign on the front and "Elliston, Ohio supports Crystal Bowersox & I do too," on the back -- have been sold or ordered. Between $2 and $3 a shirt goes to the diabetes organization. Some money was raised through a chicken barbecue last weekend.

Crystal Bowersox fans

Susan Harms, director of Diabetes Youth Services, was excited about the enormous check that was presented before the "American Idol" show started. "I was floored," she said. "It costs about $1,000 to send a kid to camp."

Much of that amount is underwritten by the group, so families end up paying "way less than half, 20 to 40 percent depending on the camp, and 25 percent of those families don't pay anything at all," Harms said.

The group also provides educational services and school support programs. Along with money, some people donate medical supplies, food or time.

Harms was impressed Bowersox wanted donations to benefit the organization. "She asked that the proceeds from the T-shirts go to us," she said. "It's priceless. She's a role model. She is an idol."

Elizabeth Winters, 12, of Oak Harbor, attended the camp two years ago and plans to attend again this summer. There she learned about giving herself insulin shots and counting carbohydrates. She also participated in horseback riding, zip-lining, swimming and skits. "I think it's amazing that people would donate that much money to help people with diabetes," Winters said.

She learned Bowersox was diabetic when she heard of the singer's medical problems earlier in the season. She was inspired. "That meant a lot to me that she's on there. If you put your mind to it you can do anything, even if you have a disease," she said.

Other campers attended Wednesday's event. Ethan Van Wormer, 12, said he felt great about the donation. Theresa Hornik, 13, said she was glad a lot of kids would be able to go to camp because of the gift. Both children are from Toledo.

Rachel Wilder, 13, of Whitehouse, said she learned a great deal at camp. "I learned actually how to do my first shot there," she said.

Terry Rudes of the Diabetes Youth Services group said the donation helps the small organization. "We are a small non-profit. We don't have any support from any national or local diabetes organizations," she said.

About 75 children ages 10 through 15 will attend the camp this summer, and 35 children ages 6 through 9 will go to a day camp. The first event for children up to age 5 will be May 8 at the Toledo Zoo.

Jane Graffin was a camp dietitian when Bowersox attended. "I've never forgotten Crystal," she said. "I let her sing at night in our cabin. ... She's always been so extremely talented."

Even then, in the 1990s, Bowersox had an amazing voice. "It kind of took your breath away," Graffin said. She said Bowersox liked being at the camp, where being a child with diabetes was no big deal. "It was a place Crystal could be herself and get support from people like her. There, they're the norm."

Hazel Tabbert, along with some of her friends, sported the familiar red T-shirt and was happy her purchase supported a good cause. "I probably wouldn't have bought it if it didn't," she said. Then she thought for a moment. "Yes, I would," she said with a smile.

To donate to the camp, visit

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SOURCE: Port Clinton Herald News
Note: The t-shirts shown on this Blog are not the charity t-shirts. Will check to see if they are available in large enough quantities to be offered here, or if they are just selling them locally.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Facebook | Fan photos from Crystal Bowersox

His 'Mama" named him "Sox" because Crystal is her Idol, and "the name just fits." Sox at 2 hours old...still a tad wobbly on those white 'sox'!

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Front-Runner Crystal Bowersox sings "People Get Ready" on the American Idol Top 7 Show

America's favorite Idol Crystal Bowersox sings "People Get Ready" on the American Idol Season 9 'Inspirational Song Week' show. "People Get Ready" was written by Curtis Mayfield for The Impressions in the year after the civil rights March on Washington. For many, the song captured the spirit of the march -- reaching across racial and religious lines to offer a message of redemption and forgiveness. Many incredible singers have covered "People Get Ready" - across every musical genre - including Eva Cassidy, Aretha Franklin, Seal, Jeff Beck, The Doors, The Housemartins and Bob Marley. Guest mentor Alicia Keys (who recorded "People Get Ready" with Lyfe Jennings for the Glory Road Original Soundtrack) said "I know people are gonna love this performance." She was right, Crystal not only brought the audience to it's feet with her passion, she also brought many to tears as chills ran down their spines. The Name Crystal Bowersox can now be added to the pantheon of "Greats" who have sung this amazing, inspirational song.

Inspirational songs are performed this week in support of Idol Gives Back.
It's easy to make your secure $10 donation to Idol Gives Back through Just click the "American Idol ~ Idol Gives Back" logo to the left.
Your donation helps support Children's Health Fund, Feeding America, Save the Children, Malaria No More and The United Nations Fund.
Where the Money Goes - Idol Gives Back - American Idol

Where the Money Goes - Idol Gives Back - American Idol

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