Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fans ~ We have a new CRYSTAL BOWERSOX FANS page on Facebook!!!

I'm still not sure if we were hacked or if Crystal's big, bad record label stole my site, but the Crystal Bowersox fan page on facebook is gone! All the content - posts of stories, interviews and videos, PLUS all the fan input - photographs, comments, discussions, songs and poems written to Crystal - have all disappeared. And, all the loyal fans who have been visiting the page since January have been combined with another Crystal page that I have no access to. (That page has no content - only 8 reposts in a month! Versus at least 2 a day here!) It's horrible! And whoever is responsible for erasing all the outpourings of love and support from Crystal's fans' has NO HEART!

Please join the new CRYSTAL BOWERSOX FANS page @

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