Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crystal Bowersox Sings "Miss You/Kiss You" with Brian Walker (Live!)

America's favorite hippie-chick, Crystal Bowersox, sings the duet "Miss You/Kiss You" with Brian Walker, and accompanied by Dan Allen and Ryan Suzuka at a Listening Party- The Noble Experiment!. Crystal, the American Idol Season 9 Top 3 front-runner wrote "Miss You/Kiss You" with her friend and musical inspiration, Brian Walker.

Crystal Bowersox

Miss You/Kiss You (LIVE!!!) by Brian Walker & Crystal Bowersox

You can also find Brian & Crystal's duet, "Mason" right here on the Blog!

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  1. If you get a chance to choose this, or when you are touring the nation solo doing concerts ;)

    PLEASE sing "Ladder" by Joan Osborne.

    You can sing anything. But this song rocks (listen to Relish, it's a fantastic album. My guess is yours will have a similar vibe).

    I'm so rooting for you!

    And don't remember if I already posted this here, but with "maybe I'm amazed" - please no "maybe I'm a girl".

    "Maybe I'm a woman, maybe I'm a lonely woman in the middle of something."

  2. "Hippie chick"? "HIPPIE CHICK"? Unless that is Crystal's self-chosen sobriquet, please don't call her that! She is a much broader talent than you can pigeonhole with a barefoot long-haired bead-wearing tie-dyed Woodstock-goer.

    For one thing, she's the artist doing the work of performing. So she's no "chick."

    And what is it that makes you say she's a hippie? The dreadlocks? The fact that she doesn't look like the wannabes in Glamour magazine?

    If Crystal is a hippie, then a lot more American women should strive to join the tribe: patient, persistent, independent, hard-working, and optimistic. She is willing to put her true self out there for judgment every week. She is willing to try new things and express unfamiliar sides of herself in front of millions and millions of people on live television. This woman has guts.

    Please don't use patronizing language such as "hippie chick" when talking about a true American-grown talent, one backed up by a steel rod of fortitude and effort.

  3. You are such a joy to hear sing. Much success to you.

  4. Whoa!
    Hippie Chick is a term of endearment! I've heard it used regarding Crystal in several articles and videos...and always with a positive slant!

    Even the above story uses it positively..."America's FAVORITE Hippie Chick," and then goes on to say she's the 'front-runner' in the competition. How is that negative?? I personally don't see anything with it. And, I'd be proud to be called a Hippie Chick along side Crystal!!

    BTW, Crystal DOES perform barefoot...:)