Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crystal Bowersox performs “Up To the Mountain” on the American Idol Final

Crystal Bowersox performs “Up To the Mountain” by Patti Griffin as the Winner's Single Song on the American Idol Season 9 Finale. Download "Up to the Mountain"

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  1. "outstanding" says it all!!! your a winner all the way and i'm so glad that i was able to watch you on idol... it's been such a pleasure!! thank you and good luck and wishes on your future journey!!

  2. i´ll hope you win:):)

    Greetings from a fan from sweden:)

  3. are so inspiring. I'm in my 50's..a very young 50's...but girl you are doin' everything I ever dreamed of as a former vocalist. I love your voice, your talent, and your sense of commitment to your music, your son, and your life. Stay true darlin'. I absolutely love your Holy Toledo song. A Huron, OH fan.

  4. Crystal you still have a free pizza waiting for you at the Country Keg..You will ALWAYS BE OUR AMERICAN IDOL..I WISH YOU AND LEE ALL THE BEST..I KNOW YOU WILL GO FAR...

  5. Good luck Crystal. You cut it, and I'll buy it!

  6. crystal, you should have won. you are the most talented and i just hope more than anything that you get signed with a record label and go on tour so we can all see you, without having to see the entire idol top 10 or whatever. dont ever give up, you are without a doubt...the best! you are a true artist and anyone with a musical ear can hear that you are just so much better.

  7. Crystal, I hope you read this one day. I voted for you and Lee all season. Lee went to my alternative High School in Illinois and I felt that I had to vote for both of you. I will buy your album, and love you forever. You made Lee the winner with your energy, and advice. When you sang Falling Slowly, you brought him to shine, and for people to take notice. Because of this, you are the winner to so many people. Your finale was outstanding, and I agree, people will enjoy your music for a long time!

  8. Crystal... you are the first runner up on American Idol! How freakin amazing is that?

    I voted for you about a million times last night. <3

    Now come out with a cd so I can buy it and rock out to it!!!

  9. crystal!!
    you are our idol!!!

  10. Just watched the big finish and mission accomplished, if you ask me, Crystal. You got the exposure and fan base you've deserved all along and now you get to focus on your stuff; you don't have to cut the boring, lame Idol winner album! Go record "Farmer's Daughter" and "Holy Toledo" and "On the Run" and all those great songs you've written! I'm dying to hear them all!

  11. Crystal - you are amazing! Keep it up mama.

  12. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world Crystal! I'll be waiting in line to pickup the first CD!

  13. Sending you love all the way from the other side of the globe - Singapore! You are AMAZING!!! We hope you'll hold a concert here, will be looking out for your albums! :)

  14. Crystal, I agree with "Just LeAnn" .... AI has given you the exposure you needed to send you on your way. I'll be waiting for your album. You rocked it all season, Mama, and good things are in store for ya!

  15. Crystal u r our idol regardless of what the results of a stupid show say. People look up to you, i look up to you, u r an inspiration to all those who have a dream. thank you for your music, talent and words.

  16. Remember that Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken took #2 and turned it into STARDOM.

  17. Crystal, You clearly "won" the finale, singing your heart out and showing that you are a true artist. I expect big things from you now that the world has witnessed your talent. Stay true to yourself -- you are an awesome inspiration to other women.

  18. You are AMAZING. You will be a big star Crystal.
    Can't wait!

  19. You are a winner. You are an artist. You are going to move forward to an amazing summer. And then you are going to make an amazing record.

    And then I am going to pay money for it, along with millions of others.

    And your son is going to have a different future than you did. And he will be so very proud of you - like the rest of us.

  20. Momma Sox... You WON tonight! You are young enough to be my daughter and you WILL have a GREAT career! Stay clean and humble and don't forget where you came from. Your star is rising ... Momma Sox... you really ROCK! Congrats On YOUR WIN! You are a lady!

  21. I know your going to go far in life. You and your singing touched so many peoples and especially mine. I was rooting for you and was very sad that you didn't win but I know someone big is going to give you a recoding contract because your amazingly awesome momma Sox (as Randy would say ha ha ha). The best of luck to you. :)

  22. We love you and want to hear music from you for years to come! Get to getting that music released!

  23. Great performances Crystal, you are going to be an amazing artist in the very near future! You are the real winner, Lee is good, but you are in another world, outstanding!

    Go and make us all proud and we know you will.

  24. REALLY? they let Lee, who can not sing worth shit win? Who rigged this shit anyway?
    Crystal, You are and always will be amazing to all of us! I can not begin to express how really pissed off I was tonight, and, even more after I saw that sad face in the end, just wanted to jump on stage, and punch lee out and hug you! Sure many of us did...
    I know you will make it huge and sure you will out sell that punk, but, the point in all this is, YOU DESERVED IT more than anyone EVER on idol! I will not say what I really want to say here...but trust me, not a nice thing...
    I am so very proud of you for every single secong in your life, for what you brought to idol....You made Idol a real show!!!
    I am still shocked at this...I feel that you were cheated! I am sick and tired of these freaking boy types winning....damn it, give it to the women now..we had enough of this crappy untalented BS already! BOWERSOX, you are OUR idol! I know how deep this meant to you, it has been your passion, you put everything you had in you through this since day one! Idol can screw themself....You were the ONLY reason I watched are AMERICAN and PURE!!!!
    We love your earthy soul....Burn his ass to flames, make music girl, we are all already in line to buy it!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!
    Sorry for being so ugly, still very pissed...
    YOU and ONLY you deserved that tonight!!!! YOU CRYSTAL!!!!

  25. I was shocked at the outcome...but it really doesn't matter because "we" have discovered you, and "we" are the ones that buy the music....we will support you! I hope your debut CD is ready for release - I will be watching for it. And one more comment, your version of "Me and Bobby McGee" brings tears to my careful, or we'll be callin you Pearl...LOL!! Take care, Sindy in Colorado

  26. You've won my heart! I love your music, your style and your attitude. Come on MamaSox...go record that album. I'll eagerly await it. <3 GYPSY

  27. We don't need to call her "Pearl". She's Crystal.

    Chickie, I think you are the coolest thing I've seen in forever. You have the purest and most natural talent, something that just doesn't come around every day.

    Lee's okay, and we know you love him, too. And in the end it's about tweens and other stuff and votes blah blah. But I'll be the first one in line for tix to see you, and if I played an instrument I'd want you to sign it. But I'll just be happy to hear your music whenever I can.

    Don't let them change you! Your covers are fantastic but you already wrote your own album - YOUR music is beautiful. We feel like we know you - that must be so strange for you. I can't imagine.

    Just know you have a ZILLION fans and a minute from now no one will care who "won" because you've made it girl! And you don't have to make any stupid Ford commercials. :)

  28. So disappointing that you didn't win Crystal You are the only reason I have watched AI this year. You are a special person with a special voice and I hope you will go on with the music.
    Wishing you all the best
    from Sweden.

  29. Crystal, nothing against Lee but that was a tragedy. You were by far the most talented singer on the show this year. Your final performance yesterday made us all tear up. We can not wait to hear you on the radio soon. Seeing the look on Simon's face as they announced Lee as the winner just about sums it all up.

  30. Speechless.


    You WILL get a recording contract, if you haven't been approached for one already.

    Your son will, one way or another, lead the life you wanted for him, financially speaking, at least.

    A recording contract outside of Idol constraints MAY lead to greater artistic freedom for you? I dearly hope so, because I feel that that is the one major issue here ... we all want to hear the real Bowersox on CD, and not some concoction that the Idol producers/judges/whoever force you to adhere to.

    And finally ... when American Idol will long be forgotten, people will still remember the name Crystal Bowersox. I know I will, and, personally, I will buy every single album that you make.

    Do it your own way, Crystal. Not that it matters coming from me, but you ARE a TRUE, TRUE ARTIST. That, and the welfare of your son, which, financially, will surely be assured now, is all that matters. As I said, I will buy every single album, single, or anything musical that you do produce (I already LOVE the originals you wrote that are currently setting YouTube alight), and so will we all that still have a discerning ear to tell pure talent and musical genius from mediocre dross.

    Be yourself.

    Best of luck!!!

  31. I was extremely disappointed to see that you didn't win. What was more disappointing, however, was to see the comments on several sites that bashed your character and your attitude and made disparaging remarks about your looks and your hygiene, as if either of those things should have any bearing on the outcome of the context.

    I was repulsed by the people who claimed you didn't deserve to win because of your dredlocks.

    Crystal, above all, you preformed with heart and class and soul throughout the season. You were truly in a class all your own. I am really looking forward to following what I know will be a long career and seeing and hearing the albums you will produce.

  32. Crystal Congratulations on the AMAZING job you did throughout the entire season of A.I.
    You were the main if not the only reason I watched every week, you are phenominal!! Even though you didn't win the title, you are my and thousands of others true American Idol and you will have an AMAZING career! I cannot wait to get my hands on your music that you release. You my dear and truly inspiring and it is a blessing to witness you use your God given talent! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us, your fans.
    Love you Crystal, I will be a Fan for life.
    God Bless <3

  33. CRYSTAL I thank you for being the person you are I always vote from day one ten times lololol I want your Gold record when it comes out you are the American Idol go get your dream dont give up ever. #1 in my book

  34. We are all extremely proud of you. We were shocked when the results were read. Especially how many times we voted. I'll tell you what I always have. You are amazing, and we haven't heard the last of you. Please keep proving us right. You were a joy as a girl and just had an aura about you and a voice to boot. Not to be derogatory to Lee, but this is the third season running that america has gotten it wrong. Regardless, you got it all right.

    We miss you and pray for the best for you and yours. You certainly do not need to go out of your way to make us proud, we have been that way for years.

    Sorry we did not come to see you yesterday for the finale. I had too much work on my plate to leave. We regretted it so much, but sometimes work comes first.

    We can't wait to hear your first release. No question that it will be phenomenal.

    Love and misses,

    Brian, Cheryl, Cherian, Sean, and Chase

    P.S. If you ever need anything we are living in California (Cheryl and I in San Clemente) and (Cherian and Chase in San Luis Obispo).

    You rock MaMa Sox (can't believe I'm calling you MaMa, I guess we don't have too much longer to wait.....).

    Take care and all the best.

  35. Crystal, you'll be a musical force to be reckoned with despite the fact that you came in second on American Idol. Looking forward to hearing all your creations as your career blossoms.

  36. Just want to say you were clearly the best performer and should have won.

    Look forward to your future career, which will be bright.

  37. I am really upset about this..I shall be following you on the internet and waiting for the release of your album Crystal..hope Farmers Daughter and your other wonderful songs going to be on it and your version of Pattis song was so so beautiful..hope thats on their to..good have a fan for life in me and thousands of others..You are the most inspiring real and sincere artist I have heard in a long 48 yrs old and been around long enough to know what moves me and you do that crystal..wonderful ..thankyou for going onto Idol..although I shall not watch it again as..and letting us hear and see the amazing artist that you are..pure musician singer you and love to your family..

  38. Crystal suffered from the same thing that Adam Lambert did last year. If you were a Crystal fan, you always were and always will be. When Casey left, his voters would logically have gone more towards Lee than to Crystal. This would have given Lee an edge in voting but not in dedicated fan base. Crystal will have a wonderful career and I'm glad Idol introduced her to us, even if the politics of voting don't always show the passion with which fans support their Idol. Rock on, Mama!

  39. Would someone get ahold of Crystal and have her preform on video with her father as she sings to him Neil Youngs "Old Man" what a hit that would be especially if she could do it before this Fathers Day. Her voice and talent with her father present would be amazing!!!!!!

  40. Crystal, I'm sure you know from looking at the history of AI that you don't need to win the final to have a great career, and that's true for you too. I'm sure your phone's already ringing with record companies calling. You are an extraordinary artist who will be around for many years making great music. I've never been an Idol watcher until this year and then only because of you. You are something truly special.

  41. Tweens should not be allowed to use a phone or to text. I think you deserved to win and I wanted to see you win it all. Lee's done well for himself, but I can't imagine going to a concert of his.

    Regardless, I am looking forward to buying each of your albums as they come out and seeing you in concert sometime soon. You are my American Idol and I gotta say I'm probably done with the show now.

    You and Alanis were fantastic last night. When we heard the first strains of the song, we were got very excited as we knew you would rock it.

    Keep having fun!

  42. We love you crystal!
    I hope you come out with an album soon! We will be getting it for sure!!!
    YOu inspired alot of people! My daughter included! She just loved you!!!!!
    She was bummed we didn't get to go to toledo to see you. We live an hr away!
    My mom is diabetic and she FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU from the get go!!!! i was soooooooo hoping you would win on many levels!!! for YOU being YOU, YOur beautiful voice, for your talent, and for more diabetic awareness! But i think YOU ARE THE WINNER!
    you may not have the title but you ARE the true winner!
    Northwest OHIO is soooooooooooo very PROUD of you!
    Peace and Love!

  43. Even though you weren't crowned the next american idol, you are a true artist in my heart and you will always be MY American Idol. You had what some people only dream of having unique raw natural talent. You filled up that stage everytime you were on it, and you have a smile that just radiates and lights up a room. I can not wait until you release your first album. I will be there waiting in line to try and get the first copy.
    You grew up near my hometown of Toledo Ohio and I know that our hometown is so very proud of you! Please do not forget your humble beginnings and come back to Toledo and do a few intimate shows, I know I'll be there for sure!

  44. Crystal much has been said about you in these posts and I just need to add my 2 cents.
    I have not watched AI, except the finals. I just happened to tune in because of boredom, during I believe the first Hollywood week, anyway it was the all girls songfest. I saw you perform and was mesmerized, watched you every week after that. I am an 70 old man with nothing else to do but vote and managed to get over 3000 votes with my cell and home phones after the finals. Yes old men can be compulsive also. I have to say this year is the first time I have ever voted, no one inspired me to do this.
    I am sorry you did not win, but if someone other than you won I am glad it was Lee. But I can honestly say I will not be inclined to buy one of his records, there are way to many Lees out there and not enough Crystals. I have already bought your performances from Itunes and am anxiously awaiting your first album and as others have said, every album you ever do.
    I keep hearing this comparison to Janis Joplin and I don't agree. Just because you happen to do some of her songs. I saw Janis in Austin, Tx, either at the "Armadillo
    World Headquarters" or at "Threadgills", can't remember which, as I had some fuzzy years back in them dazs. LOL. I still listen to Janis often, she was a very compelling artist. But as Ellen said, there is no one to compare you to, you are in a league of your own and in my opinion a much better singer. But then I think I am still mad at Janis for not valuing her life.
    Funny...Kelly Clarkson just came into my ear phones singing "A Moment Like This". By the way after seeing her in the first year finals, I have bought all her records, the only other artist from AI, except for a couple of Carrie's songs, that I have bought.
    I really need to thank you for what you have brought into my life. You have taken me back to a gentler, kinder time. In a world where a lot of people seem to be at odds with everyone and everything around them, you have reminded me it's alright to tell people you love them. You have given me a beautiful gift, your presence and your God given talent. A talent which transends music, the ability to make me want to be a better person.
    Again thank you for being Crystal!!!

  45. I loved your voice from the first moment I heard it in auditions. I knew you were going to be the one. And in my book you still are the one. Your voice and personality just continued to blossom throughout the season. And that voice...nothing else really needs to be said. Can't wait for your albums to start selling. I will be waiting in line.
    Best of luck and success to you Crystal.

  46. Crystal - you are wonderful. I hope you find great management, people who will look out for your best interests and not try to scam you. It's happened too many times to people who are suddenly propelled into worldwide stardom.

    If you ever need a nurse to go on tour with you, I'm volunteering. I'll even bring yarn and needles, and we can knit together. I am a fan (and an RN) from Holy Toledo.

  47. you are truly unique in the best possible way with a real talent. you've made a huge impact and you will certainly continue to grow & accomplish your goals as an artist <3

  48. Im devastated..lee is great but not anything we havent already heard..congrats to him winning and im saying that because I know that is what you would have said Crystal..gracious beautiful lady.... just by being you and that is something rare in the music industry ...I love the way you look as you are so comfortable with yourself and I am really looking forward to your point looking back on wat should have been..I cant believe you didnt win you put your heart and soul into your performances but its not been wasted crystal there are thousands that are going to buy your music..your farmers daughter i listen to every day..will be following you on the internet,you in my soul now im a fan for life..will be waiting for your cd to come to you and your are the best x

  49. Crysal -you were the best singer on the show this year..Just remember when you become famous (which you will) there are a lot of us who will buy your music AND Simon will not get a percentage of it!!! LOL You go girl---you have only begun!!!

  50. What an amazing breath of fresh air to all of us -- at a time when we need basics, talent, and when music can do things to the soul that nothing else can. You SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE WINNER. Clearly. I can't wait for your first CD. I loved not only your talent but your humility and spirit.

  51. You made us proud, Crystal! You are a TRUE winner in every respect! Your life will never be the same. You deserve all that you will do from this point on ... you go, girl!
    This is just the beginning!

  52. I will never watch American Idol again! I was so pissed off you didn't win. Congratts to you, you are unbelieveable. You deserved to win. When is your first album coming out I want one.

  53. Hi Crystal! I just loved every performance you did on AI. Should you have won? YES!! But look at the past runner's up...Clay Aikens, Adam Lambert, etc.! For some reason this is the way AI is...Lee is good too, but as a previous post mentioned, there isn't anyone like you. You are unique. I saw Janis Joplin perform live many times in Philadelphia. You have been compared to her, but the comparison is only because you sing her songs very well, maybe better than she did. Not too many artists can sing her songs and make an impression. No matter what you sing, you capture everyone's attention. We like your style, we like your voice, we like you period! We will definitely buy your albums. We wish you best wishes and all God's blessings to you and those you love. We are huge fans.

  54. Crystal, As a fellow performer, let me be the first to tell you that you will succeed in your music, second, don't ever stop believing in that dream. I fought with myself for 17 years just to have a chance to record on a major label and as of june, I will have that chance. You are one amazing chick. I mean you may not be what everyone may or may not think you are on the inside, but you got something on them all. you can take this to heart. As long as you are doing what makes YOU happy, then you are living in the moment of nirvana. Sincerely, Todd Andrews and the Todd Andrews Band. P.S. wish me luck, I'm in the Colgate Country Showdown tomorrow with my band in Mayville, NY

  55. Crystal,

    I would like to echo some of the same sentiments as Dave - in that being a 50+ year old woman I felt inspired by your songs (and your spirit) - especially the ones you wrote yourself. I voted for you because of that inspiration, over & over again - especially on the last evening of the competition.

    Now that the show is done & you can move forward, hopefully people's opinions about who was best, or should have won, can be set aside.

    It's time for whatever comes next - between living your life, caring for your beautiful son, signing a recording contract that suits you, and the upcoming AI tour, you have plenty on your plate. (Salad or otherwise!)

    Your style & your vocals are so pure and heartfelt that they reach not only the heart but the soul of your listeners.

    Very few singer/songwriters on the radio, or elsewhere, can do what you are already doing with your talents. Like John Mellencamp you have touched Middle American lives, and those of others, who have not lived their days out with having everything they've ever wanted or needed being handed to them.

    Having lived with hardships I can honestly say they are what hones you down if you take the high road (rather than being resentful, angry or victimized as many people become).
    It can make you feel more compassion for others, and brings honesty through in how you choose to express yourself.

    Thank you for being who you are & sharing it with all of us. In that alone you have set a fine example out to the world, whether you realize it or not, to choose to be a better person. You have a voice now in reaching the masses of the world - and while it is not your responsibility to do it - I think it comes naturally for you. In that way you are in so many ways the Angel that Joe Cocker called you, bringing us a message & that message is this: to come from the heart in all that we do & say.

    May your journey ahead be filled with much love & many blessings, and whatever guidance you may need along the way.

    Keep on rockin our sox off! I will be waiting in line with anticipation for every one of your future albums!