Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crystal Bowersox performs “Me And Bobby McGee” on the American Idol Final

Crystal Bowersox performs “Me And Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin as the contestant's song choice on the American Idol Season 9 Finale.

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  1. Just to be perfectly clear: I love Mamasox. But please correct the error: Janis Joplin *recorded* "Me and Bobbie McGee," but it was *by" the great songwriter Kris Kristofferson.

  2. Can't wait for your cd to come out. Your performance to this song in particular was nothing short of perfection. You have a one one a kind voice.

  3. I can't figure out why she didn't win.It makes no sense

  4. Because the teeny boppers all voted for Lee and I think the people who love her don't vote only why it makes sense cuz Mamasox took it all the way

  5. I am so sad that our Mama Sox didn't win. Hers is the ONLY cover of Me and Bobby McGee that didn't make me want to strangle the singer. In other words...Crystal, you are amazing and I will be buying anything you put out, because I know that you WILL end up being a star even without the AI win!!
    Much love to you and your little man!