Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crystal Bowersox & Lee DeWyze 'Play' with Ellen

Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Ellen

On the day before the big showdown on the American Idol Season 9 Finale between the Top 2 finalists Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze, the contestants showed up on The Ellen Degeneres Show for a little fun, and to blow off a little steam and de-stress with America's funniest judge. Ellen asked Crystal and Lee how they felt going into the finale. Crystal said, "You kinda forget your nerves when you're so busy, we've been doing so much...You can't really afford to be nervous." They play "Ellen's Know or Go," a game where two huge Idol fans put their fate in Crystal's and Lee's knowledge of trivia. And when the Idol's missed a question, the poor victims fell through a trap door! Classic Ellen!

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  1. that guy's scream is really annoying!!!!

  2. WOW!!!
    How much more amazing can you get, how much more can you blow us away, how much more do we seriously have to wait til we see you win tonight? Crystal, you have it woman! You have everything you need! You have a loving family, you have a voice for the world, you have fans galore and more, you have the real heart of a true AMERICAN, who will be a legend some day singer, songwriter, musician!!
    I loved that you did Black Velvet lastnight, sure Alanis Myles loved it too, considering she got very screwed on this song!
    For the first time, I read Lee's blog, and, it is all about him, just him....when I read yours, it is all about your fans, your music, your passion, your family, your hometown....he is all about HIM! This is what makes you a true star! You never once forgot fans! To me, that is a hell of alot my friend! I know real musicians, real movie stars, and let me say, the ones I know that I am still friends with are nothing like you...yes, they are fun to hang with and all, but, most conversations are about fame...you my friend, have never ever put that in front of your life, you have always put you family and fans first...this makes you more real than ever!
    You put your heart, soul, and passion first foward and look at you now, you are rising over night! We all will be there to watch you win this tonight, do not be nervous, to not be afraid, do not worry, you have billions of people behind you, billions of people who are willing to hold your hand...get up there, grab the award you deserve and worked so hard for and smile like you never smiled in your life!

  3. biggest rip off ever.

  4. I know this sounds crazy Crystal, but from the first time I saw you I actually fell head over heels in love with you! Lord when you sing, the whole world lights up for me. you are awesome in every way girl. If you are ever in Spartanburg, South Carolina, look me up. Write to me at daearle62@yahoo.com, and lets have lunch sometime.All of my heart, body, and soul is yours just for the asking, I hope you really get to read this, and you are really the one and only winner.I love you girl...Daniel A. Earle.