Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crystal Bowersox "Holy Toledo"

American Idol Season 9 TOP 2 Finalist sings her original song "Holy Toledo".

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  1. Crystal, this tune is powerful and moving as you poured your heart into it! You are an exceptional artist and musician and a big inspiration to many other musicians, me included. Great work!

  2. From 1 survivor to another !!God Bless!! Keep on going and be the strong Woman that you are!

  3. Great song. Great performance. I wish Crystal and Lee would both quit Idol after they perform before the voting starts.

    It serves no purpose to declare a winner between these two except to add to the American Idol machine's money bags.

    These young artists have both been struggling to establish a foothold in the music industry without national exposure, which is virtually impossible.

    Who wins the show's title should be unimportant because they have both already won the prize that brought them to the show: national exposure and a fan base to build upon as they take their careers to the next level.

  4. Great song. Great performer. If I cared who won, I'd be voting Crystal. But like many fans I don't vote.

    To me, who wins the show title is beyond anti-climatic; it is pointless and trivial.

    Crystal, Lee, Casey and the other contestants came on AI for national exposure. They got what they came for and the summer tour will give them all even more opportunities to see tour life from a perspective they have probably never experienced.

    The actual Idol title is meaningless and, as history has shown, in no manner reveals or determines who will have a successful music career.

    Whoever wins, once the title is announced and the decision is behind them, they can both get busy taking their music careers to the next level.

    I look forward to hearing music from both of them for many years to come.

  5. I want Crystal to win; but, she would be tied to American Idol for a year. She would have to do songs they pick; she should be able to do her own work. Which is out of this world!!! I'm rooting for Crystal; but, I don't vote for any of them. God has opened the door for both Crystal and Lee. She has talent like no other.... regardless if she wins or not; we will see more of Crystal then we will any other from this season. If you look back; we hear more about the one who didn't win.