Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crystal Bowersox and the story of "Holy Toledo": Interview plus music

'American Idol' interview: Crystal Bowersox and the story of 'Holy Toledo'
Source: TV Examiner, Matt Carter, May 28
Crystal Bowersox, Holy Toledo

Crystal Bowersox was loved by both fans and the judges for much of "American Idol", but in the end she might have been too strong a performer for her own good. After absolutely killing it on Tuesday's performance show, her fans may not have felt a need to call in as badly and she therefore came up short of the title.

If you think that MamaSox was going to harp on something like that, though, think again -- on Friday, the Toledo native was nothing but positive and upbeat about her time on the show. During my chat, I had the opportunity to talk with Crystal about "Holy Toledo," her original song that actually started to hit the radio before the season was over.

Matt: So I want to talk about 'Holy Toledo' a bit. Amazing song, and I believe it's the first original to ever be played on 'American Idol.'

Crystal: That is a true statistic.

Matt: Take us a little into the songwriting process, and were you thrilled to see that the show actually played it during an episode?

Crystal: That song is very dear to my heart. I wrote it before I moved to Chicago when I was 17. I was sitting on my friend's front porch and just at a point in my life where I loved my hometown, but I always knew there was something bigger -- hence the line 'how do I get to heaven from here'.

Since the show it's become an anthem for my city and what kind of hope is needed there. I just feel so blessed and honored that the show even considered letting me play it at my hometown [visit] and using it on the show. I'm going to be allowed to play it in my hometown on tour -- they're going to allow me to play some original music in Toledo, so I'm very excited about that.

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  1. Argh! Where can we download Holy Toledo from? I need more Crystal tunes, especially originals!

  2. I live in Toledo, and love Holy far as voting, my friends and I always voted for Crystal...but I only got a few votes in on the important tues, because I kept getting cut was either busy (which made me happy), but when it just started dialing and then went dead, that made me pretty upset...I downloaded all your idol songs, and now I can't wait until you make an album of YOUR songs, including Holy Toledo....You have an amazing voice Crystal, plus you have a great big heart...I can tell. Good Luck...judy

  3. Crystal,
    I believe you should have been the winner. You have great natural talent. The teenie bopper girls are what gave it to Lee. You will go far with your music. You are a wonderful person and it shows through your music and your presents. I wish you all the best. Can't wait to buy your albums. P.S. give that little baby boy of yours a big hug and a kiss for me. Oh ya.....way to represent the type 1 diabetics out there. I have a 24 year old son that has been type 1 since he was 7. Way to show the world that you can do anything!! To great success....Theresa

  4. Ditto all the above! You just make the world shine. Right now you are what we need to get by! A little dose of Bowersox! I too would like to know where to be able to download some of YOUR original songs. I can't wait to by your CD'S God be with you and your son and family threw everyday!!!! Great power and strenght to you all.
    Right here from Lewiston, Maine If your ever in town look us up we would love to have you come jam with our family! You are the New Victorian Janice Joplin. You rock! Cecile

  5. Well, I just think that yu are wonderful!! It's been a long time since I have been so excited by a new artist!! I loved watching you perform on Idol , your expressions and voice just really stirred me to my soul.. You will go far in the musice industry Crystal. You are so,so very talented..I can't wait to buy your CD..Love ya..go girl!!!