Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crystal Bowersox & Alanis Morissette Duet ~ HD Video

Crystal Bowersox & Alanis Morissette Unite For 'You Oughta Know' On 'American Idol' Finale. Duo perform Morissette's mega-hit after Bowersox's solo performance of 'Ironic.'

Back in February, Crystal Bowersox took the "American Idol" stage to perform Alanis Morissette's "Hand in My Pocket." It didn't go so well. Simon Cowell accused her of sounding like a thousand buskers outside a thousand different subway stations.

Bowersox got her revenge on Wednesday night's (May 26) finale when she united with Morissette for a duet that brought the crowd at the Nokia Theatre to its feet. The "Idol" finalist got the performance started with a solo take on Morissette's "Ironic," a song that reached the #4 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She then turned dramatically toward the back of the stage and welcomed her fellow artist onto the stage for a duet of the Grammy-winning best-seller "You Oughta Know," another cut off Morissette's 1995 album Jagged Little Pill. As Morissette strode out under the bright blue lights of the "Idol" stage, the two singers exchanged verses, crisscrossed the stage and finally met in the middle, voices wailing, smiles wide.

Buskers, they weren't. The performance was not without its share of ironies. After Cowell dismissed Crystal's effort in February, the singer bounced back to establish herself as one of the show's undeniable front-runners the very next week when she busted out a killer version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long as I Can See the Light." She hasn't looked back since. And Bowersox has come to count Cowell as one of her biggest supporters.

On Tuesday's show, Cowell praised Bowersox's performance of "Up to the Mountain" by Patty Griffin, saying, "I thought that was by far the best performance and the song of the night. And since this is going to be the final critique I'm ever going to give, I would just like to say that was outstanding."

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  1. Crystal, you should have won! I love Lee, too, but you should have won it all.

    Dawn, Illinois

  2. "Angel" ~ Truth. Thanks for the incredible performances. You are my "American" Idol. If I could ask one thing from you it would be more Duets with Lee. The two of you together are phenomenal !

    Hug your Baby & your Pop. Can't wait to see what comes. Chris, Atascadero, CA.

  3. Crystal, Thanks for the awesome performances. Hearing you sing songs I've loved all my life has been a joy. Bobby McGee will always be 1 of my favorite memories.

    If I could ask one thing, please, please, record more Duets with Lee, the two of you together are special!

    Can't wait to see what comes.

    Chris, Atascadero

  4. Crystal I just read your comment about how you knew Lee was going to win. I would agree you were calm and poised the whole season. At the end when we were waiting for the final decision I saw in you that you knew he had won, you were and still are so gracious.

    I loved your duet with Alanis you were amazing as was your performance with Jo Cocker.

    Yes you will go far in this industry Crystal, Idol provided you with the arena to let the world know you are out there. I look forward to your first album and seeing you perform on many shows.

    All the best, you did an amazing job and your son is very very lucky to have you for his mommy!

  5. For the first year in the last three we've been Idol watchers we decided NOT to buy tickets. We are saving up to get Crystal Bowersox on tour tickets!!! Cannot WAIT! Hurry and get a tour going Girlie.

  6. crystal u r the winner no matter what chick u rock an cant wait for u to come out with a c.d u better believe it will be in my player!!!your awesome!!!! tina north carolina

  7. I think you should have won- but at the same time, I think you are better off that you didn't! You are going to get a much better contract and have more freedom - no one will try to change who you are (not that they could.) I adore you and can't wait to buy your album!
    Nicole in Colorado

  8. Hey Crystal! I love Alanis and you were my favorite so it was awesome to see you both together! I'm also 24 and the mom of a baby, so I understand what it's like to struggle to provide your child with the best. You are the American Idol in our hearts, keep fighting for your dream!

    Anna from Bogota, Colombia.

  9. great duo with Alanis Morisette... can't get much more professional than that!!! your a winner all the way!!!!

  10. Waiting for your first CD, Crystal!! Right along with a million or more other people! Your exciting to watch and so pleasing to hear! You are a winner, now I'm gonna sit back and watch you soar! Congratulations Crystal!! Linda in Alpharetta, GA

  11. We all look forward to seeing you soar above the highest reaches. Your voice will carry you there. Your baby will be the proudest celebrity kid in school, and the envy of all his friends.

    Don't forget to get yourself set to sing the national anthem at a NASCAR race one of these days!!

  12. Hey Crystal! You are an amazing artist and I would love to see in concert. You're a natural. Each time I watched you perform on American Idol, I was always left with wanting to hear more, more, more. My husband and I are looking forward to buying your CDs. God's blessing be upon you and your family. ~Ruth and Aaron in Oklahoma City, OK

  13. Yeah.. so this is why American Idol sucks. The American public has no taste at all. And this is also why I'm pissed with Crystal.. for making me actually pay attention and care about what happens on this train wreck of a series.

    I don't even watch the show.. the wife does and I turn my eyes to the tv when it's on occasion sounding interesting. This year, from the beginning, I called Crystal as easily blowing the rest out of the water. I was stunned last night when Lee took the prize.

    I'm betting that if you were to ask Crystal she'd say that Lee is great and deserved it. BS Crystal. You know that you deserved to win.

    To hell with it though, right? We know who's going to have the career after the dust settles..

    And with that, I officially am back to not giving a damn about American Idol. Best of luck Ms Bowersox.

  14. Bonnie K. - Cleveland, OHMay 27, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    I am not and never have been an "Idol" watcher -- too anxiety provoking for me. However, a couple of my co-workers were talking about Crystal Bowersox and how great she is. I checked her out and was blown away. She reminds me so much of Eva Cassidy. Crysal is so versatile, so talented, yet so unpretentious and down-to-earth. IMHO, she should have won because her talent runs rings around Lee DeWyze, but my guess is that Lee garnered the most votes from the young female base enamored of his good looks and beautiful baby-blues. Now, I'm not taking anything away from Lee, as he's talented as well, and to be able to perform with Chicago, all I can say is WOW, what an honor for him! He hit the notes a LOT better than Jason Scheff. Perhaps if Jason ever decides to leave the band, Lee can slide into that slot with confidence and ease. All that being said, I am so utterly disappointed that she did not take top honors as she rightfully should have, but I truly believe that Crystal will go far, very, very far, and much further than Lee ever will.

  15. Butch in BristolMay 27, 2010 at 8:56 AM


    We all know that you were the best. Keep going girl as I will buy your CD's when ever they come out.

  16. You won me over during your auditions. I've never followed an American Idol singer other than you! I want one of your CDs! Good luck and continued success!

  17. Cathy L. - Latham, NYMay 27, 2010 at 9:23 AM should have won! You are far the best! Stay true to yourself and you will be the winner.

  18. Crystal You Were Like Daughtry (the real winner) And Will Be Much More Famous Than Your (Idol) Winner, Push Foward And Please Get Going On A Album :)

  19. crystal i think you have an amazing voice, i love you,
    but they shouldnt have made you sing next to alanis morisette...
    of course she outshined you soooo baaad.....

    anywho, i hoping to see your cd out soon ;)
    ur cool

  20. I look forward to watching your star rise, as I know it will. Lee is nice, and maybe needed this win to stay out of the paint store.... You are a winner and nothing's gonna stop you now!!! I haven't seen anything like you since Joplin & King rocked the stage!

  21. Come "Up to the Mountain" with "Me and Bobby Mcgee" so "Peple Get Ready" to ride "The Midnight Train to Georgia" 'cause this Soul Train known as Crystal Bowersox is headed your way everybody get on board!!! Love me some Crystal just got 13 great tracks DL itunes best 46.1 mins of soulful music you can hear today.

  22. To say Lee has no talent would be wrong and cruel because he can play and sing decently. However, we have so many male artists out there already that blow him out of the water! Crystal, you are amazing! We have no artists to compare you to these days and we need someone like you putting out records! I know that even though you lost this show you will be producing music! I can't wait!! I love you're style and put you right up there with Janis! Keep on bringing us great music and always stay true to yourself!

  23. Don't worry Crystal. You're the true winner. I also must compliment you on being a class act and being gracious when Lee's name was called. I don't know who voted for him because from all the blogs I've been reading it seems most people voted for you, including me. Please don't give up. You will have a great career and we can't wait to buy your CDs and see you perform live. Come to New York City soon !!! We await....

  24. Crystal can sing anything !!! What a sweetheart....the most real and naturally talented female on A.I. ever....We all know the top ten is all that matters if you're good...take a look at Adam..Chris..Jennifer..Rueben..they didn't win yet they are huge stars. Can't wait for your CD and live tour. Congrats kiddo !!!

  25. You're in good company with Adam Lambert! You both are my absolute faves.
    I'm a musician & teacher and can recognize the right stuff when I see/hear it.
    I will always buy your originals and encourage my whole FB network (mostly pickers) to do the same. Would you consider having Casey add some lead guitar to your album? He's got the chops...

    BTW, your bass player on "Holy Toledo" is truly amazing. Is that a 6-string bass he's playing? Unreal technique & taste!

  26. Crystal Wins Hands Down!!!!!

  27. Dear Crystal,

    Your journey has just begun! Please don't forget about us small folk back in Toledo! I can not wait for you to come back home in September and see you live!! You are such a breath of fresh air to the music industry and I have a feeling that you will go futher than you had ever imagined possible!! From one mommy to another.....U ROCK!

    Your #1 fan

    Keri Porter
    Toledo, Ohio

  28. This performance was just AMAZING!!! I never thought I'd actually see them performing together - that was just so, so, great. Crystal absolutely should have won. She has one of the strongest, most unique voices I've ever heard on Idol. She is an amazing singer and seems like an amazing person too.

  29. CRYSTAL IS MY AMERICAN IDOL!!!! I can't wait for her first album and when she comes to Florida. Gary Ritter... lakerider from Okeechobee

  30. Alanis and Crystal singing together was my most favorite AI moment of the season. Loved it. Alanis is my personal idol, and Crystal is my American idol!!

    good luck in your future endeavors Crystal.

  31. Two absolutely outstanding singers, but you Crystal will always be my idol, I love Janis Joplins music, and your duet with Alanis was amazing to say the least, look forward to spending some kiwi dollars, and buying your first album.

    Auckland NZ

  32. Fabulous! I love your rich, full voice (which I think, honestly, was stronger than Morisette's in your duet). Thanks for making this season worth watching. There were weeks when you were the only singer we enjoyed. As you have so maturely realized, your career is on it's way, regardless of the outcome of this silly contest. I'm so thankful that you had this opportunity to get the press and backing you so richly deserve. I'll definitely be buying all of your albums!