Sunday, May 9, 2010

American Idol's Crystal Bowersox sings "Grey Haired Rock Stars"

Crystal Bowersox, American Idol Season 9's best vocalist, impresses us again with this original, "Grey Haired Rock Stars." Fitting song title, as Crystal has been referred to as "a new artist with an old soul."

Crystal wrote this song in honor of old rock singers that inspired her and especially for some of her music friends and inspirations in her life like Bobby May & Ron "Razz" Rasberry who were her mentors along the way.

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  1. Chickie - you can sing anything. This week, sing Aquarius, pleeeeeze? I mean yeah it's old fashioned, but slow it down and make it a hymn. And Let the Sun Shine - let it rip.

    "Mystic crystal revelations"? Come on girl. You gotta sing this song. If not this week, sometime. Listen to the original cast recording - it's bluesy, not like 5th dimension which sort of "popped" it up.

    Posting as anonymous because I'm lame about the whole profile thing. HUGE FAN. And old enough to be your mom.

    Whatever you sing Tuesday, kick its everloving ASS. Do your thing, as Randy says. Blow everyone else off the stage.

  2. Love it!!! Great job, Crystal and good luck this week!!!!

  3. umm...i was out recently & got chatty with the ultimate grey haired rock star & she's a HUGE Crystal fan. addicted, was the phrase. and yes, i do mean emmylou harris & no, i'm not kidding

  4. Love your original songs best!!! So sorry they make you sing those theme weeks..sighhhh. Check out Bobbie Gentry's originals sometime..I think you'll really connect to it..she's life changing!! xoxox