Monday, May 17, 2010

"All Over Me" by Brian Walker w/Crystal Bowersox

Brian Walker and Crystal Bowersox

"All Over Me", an original song by the amazing songwriter Brian Walker and performed by Crystal Bowersox and Brian Walker, with Dan Allen Ornduff, at Listening Party Noble Experiment.

Want to see more of Crystal's pre-Idol live performances? Make sure you check through the archives (box halfway down on the right side) for anything you missed, including Original songs like "Holy Toledo" and "Farmer's Daughter", all the Idol performances, and local, national and international articles.

Plus you can purchase Crystal's weekly American Idol performances as mp3s or videos, t-shirts, Idol Live Tour tickets and more.

Make sure you bookmark this website, become a follower, and come back daily for brand new stuff: It's updated several times a day. (Don't let this happen to you: Heard from several fans who were locked out of their facebook accts. due to hackers, and they didn't have The Crystal Bowersox Blog bookmarked, and were upset they missed some great videos!)

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