Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crystal Bowersox sings “No One Needs to Know Right Now" on American Idol

Crystal Bowersox Shania Twain

American Idol Top 6 front-runner Crystal Bowersox sings “No One Needs To Know Right Now" on the Season 9 "Country Music Week" show, featuring the songs of Shania Twain.

Crystal sat down with Ryan Seacrest before she hit the stage to talk about her experience meeting mentor Shania Twain in Chicago. Crystal "noticed that she's constantly glowing, like there's this aura of positive energy around you. There really is. You're a super sweet lady and it was fun to get to hang out....She Glows." Many people have described Crystal's aura in the same way!

Crystal said she sang this sweet love story as a "message to my boyfriend. I'm just droppin' hints here and there. He'll man up one of these days." Shania suggested she "let the love flow," and Crystal's love and happiness shined on the stage.

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  1. Crystal.............I am a HUGE fan of both country music AND YOU!! And I think you sang that wicked-good!! Gave me goosebumps :)

    Hope your man cowboy's up!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Crystal,
    we all we down to the local bar last night
    called H2O'S and had our cowboy hats on and
    we were ready to kick it up, but you suprised
    us!you had us tapping our toes, but we still love ya, and we know you will rock us next week, we got our fingers and toes crossed
    you make it!we got you a Pittsburgh Penguins
    knit hockey hat we need to know where to send
    it you will look so cool in it
    Here is my e-mail
    we love ya Bud your Buds from Pittsburgh Pa.

  3. Crystal, we here in the "Burgh" thats Pittsburgh Pa, want you to know we got your
    back, we rock to your music, we play our
    guitars and sing along with ya.
    Go MAMA SOCKs!

  4. I listened to Laura Bell Bundy "Drop on by" and I would love to hear you Crystal re-do this song. Dont get me wrong Laura did a great job,lovely song. I just thought of your voice when it came on Thanks from Susan

  5. Although every contestant is very talented! My family and I would love to see Crystal and Lee in the Finals going head to head! you are both awesome and good luck to both of you from susan