Friday, April 2, 2010

American Idol's Crystal Bowersox sings "Speak Now" (Live)

American Idol Season 9 finalist Crystal Bowersox performs her original song, "Speak Now" live at Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Illinois.
(sorry about the shaky video...)

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  1. That's a great song Crystal, more Proof of your fabulos and brilliant Talent. when you sing, you ooze soul..and so effortlesly. Brings shivers, and warms my heart! You should record this song, and I can't wait to hear more orginials from you!
    Terri Terzopoulos
    Columbia, Missouri

  2. You've been my favorite since the first show on AI, girl... Can't wait for you to win this thing!
    (and even if they give it somebody more "typical" then I'll just wait to see your album pop up in the zune marketplace so I can download it. :)

  3. Woohoo. One of my personal favs! Love it!

  4. I loved her voice when i heard her toledo and still do

  5. Fabulous lyrics. Who is the female singing harmony in the background?

  6. speak now as recorded on the album is the gem of same. the interplay between the bluesy guitar, soulful lyrics and strong heartfelt delivery makes this the single that should have been released. she is flat out a blues singer and the more things like this she releases the more successful she will be. I could mix this in with the best of the Stones,Janis,John Fogerty etc. and someone would go "Whats that?!" who did that? thats good! And it is. MCS